SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

If there is any music freak over here, there may have been times when you get to choose between portability and comfort as those funky little earphones do produce quality sound but they simply cannot beat the leisure of listening to your favorite music while sitting on the couch or sofa and playing the music through a set of speakers. This is where headphones chip in as they do deliver good quality sound along with the portability factor of earplugs but without having those itching ears and extra volume push of the earphones. Done with the review of a portable speaker recently, we simply cannot count out the loss of sound when the speakers are stacked up against a set of headphones that offer somewhat reduced external distortions to the sound. Headphones can produce that home theater quality soft bass and sound clarity along with studio quality noise isolation at times and if you own a Bluetooth enabled Neck-strap type music headset with dedicated music controls mounted up on it, you might be knowing what this review is going to be all about!


The SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset is one of the cheapest wireless headsets that you can buy at present and definitely I am talking about some good quality sound for the asking price. The headset reminds me of the Nokia BH 503 Bluetooth headset but pulls back to itself courtesy the price tag on the ask and a much more aggressive sense of styling and larger ear paddings that add up to the user’s comfort. Well that’s enough for this part that was to let you know about the look and feel of the headset and beginning with our review, let’s see how strong this wireless thing goes!

Build Quality and Construction:


The SoundWear SD10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset comes with an ultra portable all-plastic construction and comes with mounted music controls along with a receiver button to take your calls on the earpiece itself.

32850-dThe build quality is good when you go a bit strict with the standards that you can make of in this price range but on the contrary, the headset is a bit too big to fit comfortably to all. One of the better things that I found here was that the ear pads are made up of rexine fabric over a bit of cushioning that can be quoted as much sturdier to what the foam pads offer as they can easily get worn out over a period of usage.


The mounted headset controls provide you with some easy access to your music while the centrally located receiver button gives you a one touch access to your incoming calls. The in-built microphones does well for it’s job while the Lithium polymer battery that sits inside and has a capacity of about 400 mAh can deliver almost 20hrs of music playback over a full charge as promised. In the construction department, a little room is still there for improvements in the comfort part where as the over all build of the headset seems pretty good for the buck.

Performance Tests:


In order to check how the headset performs in real life situations, we chose our simple two step procedure to get the things done. Firstly we connected it to a mobile phone which so obviously, is the most commonly used device for portable media playback. When connected to a mobile phone, the headsets performed really well delivering clear sound along with some good bass thumping to the beats which was expected from an entry level headset and meanwhile, there was a zero to no distortions when we played the music through the stock player.


But on a sorrowful note, we were not so happy with the amount of noticeable sound distortions at higher volume levels when we played the music via PowerAmp which is known to push the volume levels to the extremes on a mobile device. The good news came as the better noise isolation that the paddings on both the headphone caps provided as this is one of the major aspects one will look forward to when going to buy a pair of headsets.

IMG_20130702_115224 32850-e

Secondly, we went on with a device with a much powerful sound amplification system like a Laptop PC and the not so welcome distortions joined the party yet again while the bass output got better. Thus, as far as the performance of the headset is concerned, it is indeed a good buy for the busy music lover but for someone with that music geek within who likes to play it a bit rougher through the crests and troughs, you gotta think twice. All-in-all it is a really better set of headset that money can buy for the price point and couple that with an average of 15 Hrs of music playback over the air, you’ll surely be in for a deal!

The mobile phone we used to test the headset was a Samsung Galaxy S4.