Splashtop 2 for Android: Your Desktop In Your Hands!

Back into the days of Nokia Symbians, there were a few remote desktop alternative but since the global network wasn’t just capable enough to make the stream as seamless as it was expected from the software. Then team viewer chipped in and it just changed the way how people shared their work and leisure across their desktops within a secured environment. Everyone wanted a similar piece of software for the droids regime but apart from a few shots that landed up nowhere near the optimum experience, there was this need for a remote desktop client for the Android ecosystem. We asked for it and they delivered it. If you are looking for the same, you’re definitely gonna love it!


Splashtop 2 from the Splashtop team of developers is just the best remote desktop client that exists on the platform for now and it does holds up to all the hype you can bragg about it. Splashtop 2 can run on almost any android device as it did on a little HTC Explorer and works upon your Wifi or data connection to provide a seamless interactive streaming of your computer.

In order to get started with the app, you can download the free version from the Google Play Store(link provided at the end of the post.) and get it installed onto your Android device. After that, the login screen will follow the splash screen with an option to register for a free account. The account registration is way too quicker than what one would have expected as you just need to enter your email address and the desired password with a confirmatory check for the same.

Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-18-41  Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-19-00

As soon as you’re done with the login process, you’ll be greeted with the dialog carrying the instructions for setting up the desktop client i.e. the Splashtop streamer. All you have to do is to download the client from the link provided and login using the User details that you signed up with a few minutes back. The best part on the whole turned out to be that the whole setup process is as smooth as the pace with which the app runs on the mobile device! Now done with the login process on the desktop, you can get started with the standard settings while you get to choose a few preferences that chip in quite handy.


All said all done, you can now start the mobile client and you’ll see the name of all the registered PCs on the welcome screen itself. Just hit any one of ’em and holla! You got your desktop right there in your hands now!

Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-18-20As soon as you hit the desired username, you’ll be taken to the a loading screen which will load the data as per the speed of your data connection. Now as the loading gets completed, the whole of your desktop will start to stream on your mobile device with real time interaction. You can actually do whatever you want on your desktop from you mobile itself!

Screenshot_2013-05-24-23-22-00 Screenshot_2013-05-25-19-10-48

If you still can’t believe it, those are my mobile screens and as you can see from the image to the left that you can tap that keyboard icon to the right and have some windows dedicated button set dropping from the top of the screen while on the image to the right you can see a preferences menu that pops up by pressing the menu button on your mobile device which leads to a set of cool tricks that the app can perform to enhance the overall experience. You can switch between two screen modes that’s sharp and smooth and two operation modes to choose from that is the gesture mode and the trackpad mode(I personally prefer using the latter!) and you can also get a scrolling tool right where it should be and trust me, it all works like a charm!

So that’s all folks! Call it a utility tool or a tool for the lazy ones, Splashtop 2 is a true winner in itself as it doesn’t leaves any margin for complaints. Further, if you own an enterprise, there are alternatives for you too!

Google Play Store : Free|Paid

Splashtop Streamer: Splashtop Home