[SPONSORED] DU Battery Saver Helps You Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

DU Battery Saver is yet again another very useful and highly functional app for saving battery in your Android and it is from DU apps studio. This is a highly useful app and is the best and unlike other battery saver app DU Battery Saver literally saves battery and not just a non-functional portal. It provides the user with an alert and you can harness more with this app on your Android device. DU Battery Saver is available free of cost in Google Play Store. It has a beautiful home screen and has options to customize the things to deliver an optimum performance. It can single-handed vanish all your worries regarding your mobile battery. A detailed review of this app is under as follows:

Home Screen

Du Battery Saver - Home screen

The home screen of the app displays information about your battery which includes the temperature, voltage and the type of battery. Apart from this, it gives you an optimize button which works more like a task controller killing all apps that consume battery. Apart from this, it also shows a graph that shows the charging and discharging of the battery over a period of time.

Battery Saver Modes

Power Saving Modes

There are preset three different modes which you can choose from. General, Long Standby and Sleep mode. Each of the setting is meant for optimizing the battery performance of your Android device. In general mode there is basic operations of all normal functions of the mobile. Long Standby closes all the functions except calling and SMS to make the battery last longer. Sleep mode shuts all the functions except the clock and nothing else works. These modes are crafted in such a way that it saves maximum and delivers a better performance.

Better Charging

Charging Modes

DU Battery Saver also has a function of a better charging that is it has got different modes of charging. That means you can set for fast charging, full charging and trickle. These are modes which will optimize your battery life and you can go for a fast charge whenever you are in a hurry. It ensures a healthier and better charging of the battery of your Android device.

Battery Use Patterns

Battery Monitor

Apart from giving the exact time until your battery gives out DU Battery Saver also shows the user a well-organized graph and there you can check out the usage patterns thus helping to optimize the battery’s performance. You can observe the graph in daily basis or a monthly record. Unlike other apps DU Battery Saver is pin point accurate about the details it gives about the remaining time of the battery life.

If you are an extensive Android user and often face the short comings of a small battery life then you must go for DU Battery Saver. This is a highly useful and an amazingly good app to take care of your mobile’s battery life.