Substratum to go rootless, a re-base & more

Android has been extremely customizable since the beginning, but making it your own took time and effort. CyanogenMod’s CM Theme Engine made it extremely easy to apply themes straight from the Play Store. These themes changed the entire style of the OS, including the boot animations. Since the discontinuation of Cyanogenmod and its transition to LineageOS, there has been no built-in theme engine. Enthusiasts are flocking towards a new solution, Substratum. Substratum builds upon the RRO Framework by Sony. Similar to CM Theme Engine, it lets you install themes from the Play Store or APKs.

Transition to Rootless

Substratum has so far relied on Root access to work on Android devices. With the dawn of LineageOS, more users are refraining from rooting devices as it trips SafetyNet and other security locks. It wasn’t possible to get the best of both worlds until now. XDA Developer Nicholas Chum posted on G+ that upcoming Substratum versions will be going rootless and custom ROM builds supporting Substratum will be rolled out. They have re-built the application in such a way that it does not require root and integrates with the custom ROM, thereby not tripping SafetyNet.

Rootless Substratum also has better compilation speed and is much more stable compared to before.

The QuickApply feature is also being bought back. Earlier, it faced issues during compilation and was scrapped. Basically, QuickApply lets you apply the theme with a single tap.

Now that CM Theme Engine is no more, will you be moving to Substratum? Let us know in the comment section below.

Via: Google+, XDA