Subway Surfers: Android Game Review

After the smash hit from Imangi Studios, the highly anticipated third person running game, Temple Run, we have witnessed the rise of this new genre in mobile gaming. Games like Agent Dash and Miniclip’s Rail Rush look promising enough to carry forward the legacy, but it’s a fresh entry from KILOO GAMES which according to me, has more than what meets the eye.

Subway surfers from Kiloo Games is yet another Third Person Runner game but don’t get carried away by the genre of the game as it packs in a lot more of action than the name could promise. The game plot is simple, the cop’s after you, So, YOU GOTTA RUN!


As the title goes, the game is set in a subway which has been crafted in some eye popping 3D which keeps you stuck to the game screen which can turn out to be a kind of addiction courtesy the smooth gameplay. Besides the visuals being a real treat, it’s the in-game action which keeps the players hooting for more. All you have to do is to run along with multiple obstacles and trams(that’s so obvious) coming your way. But don’t get carried away by that, the in-game power-ups add more of spice to the treat and meanwhile, there is an in-game store to get your artillery upgraded  to get through the pace of the game. The coins which you collect on your way in the game can be used for this purpose.


If you are getting bored by that guy in the cape, you can even unlock more characters from the store.

All-in all, this is an excellent thriller carved out of some real inspiration but, with the fun quotient being the key, this may just be the game you have been waiting for! Excellent graphics, catchy soundtrack, amusing 3D action and some cool moves on the rails give this game an extra bit of edge over the competition.

All of these combined means fun and that too, for FREE!

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