SwiftKey 4.3 Update Brings New Keyboard Layouts, Allows You To Undock The Keyboard

My favorite app has received an update finally – SwiftKey has been updated with new keyboard layouts and new themes. It also allows you to undock the keyboard – all of these improvements are surely a great treat for Android tablet users. The new update is available for free to purchasers, new users need to spend $4 though which is pretty less for on the best apps on the Play Store.

These layouts were rolled out in a beta release earlier and SwiftKey dubbed them as “Layouts for living”. So what’s new with these layouts? The app now has three layouts – Full, thumb and contact which can be selected by long-press on the number key. Screenshots of these layouts can be seen in the Gallery below:

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The same layouts are available on phone too. Also, you can resize the keyboard depending on your finger size and the way you type. Since I have huge thumbs, I’d prefer the medium sized keyboard but it also depends on what you wish to see on the screen above the keyboard. The size can be adjusted instantly with ease.


Apart from the layout and size improvements, SwifKey now has some new themes that are available upon update.

With these updates, you can be sure you will not regret spending $4 for such a wonderful app. Hit the Play Store link below to purchase.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard