Tip: Switch Between ROMs Quickly Without Loosing Any Data

If you are amongst the gifted risk takers or android hackers or simply our readers, you might be well aware of the risks that are involved in flashing ROMs onto your phone. Obviously I am not talking about the burnt NANDs or bricked devices because we provide enough assistance to get you through the flashy part without any sorts of bumps but there are a few personal issues associated with the process that upset the enthusiast to go and hit a few more tries. That is what we term as ‘Data loss’.

Data loss is one of the biggest upsets that flashing a ROM brings to the cards as to obtain the optimum performance of any ROM, all the data on the disk must be wiped up to have a clean installation. This Data comprises of all your messages, data history, call logs, installations and all the associated private data. These sure mean a lot more than the hardware failures and hence, proper care should be taken at the time of flashing the ROMs. Mostly users prefer taking a Nandroid backup of their ROMs via the installed recoveries and then proceed with flashing the desired ROM and in case they want to switch back to the previously conditions, they boot their phones into the recovery mode again and they restore the backed up image. If that sounds a bit too much of an ask and you want some more amount of freedom in switching between the ROM as well as save some spare time for a coffee, you’re in for a treat!

We have formulated this quick guide using the two most efficient data backup/recovery apps via which you can restore and backup your data without having to boot in the recovery mode, hence saving a lot of time as well as providing some assured data safety. If you can’t hold on for much longer now, let’s get started with the basic requirements/toolkit that you’ll have to seek assistance from to get you done with the process.

Backing Up

First of all is how you take the backup. You don’t need to backup the kernel and cache. Cache is rebuilt in the new ROM anyway and the new ROM will also come with a kernel. But if you wish to restore the kernel you currently have, you may need to make a full backup. But for this guide, you can backup only the required data from your phone’s root. For this, we’ll be using one of our favorite backup tools that is Orange Backup to backup only the required data files as the best part about this app is that there is no need at all to boot into recovery to get the backup done. All you have to do is while taking the backup you need to go to the Advanced options menu, select partitions to be backed up and un-check all the other partitions except for the /data partition which holds all the files associated with the user data that the OS feeds upon.

Backup nandroid backup

Fast isn’t it? Still sounds a bit tricky to you?

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Done with the Data backup process, you can go on to flash the ROM you want and as soon as you are done with the first boot (which does takes a bit longer than usual . Blah..Blah…), you can move on to the recovery/restoration process of your data. For this, you need to install Nandroid Manager which we recently reviewed as one of the most handy Nandroid recovery tools that we’ve come across. Easy as a pie, all you need to do is to select the most recent backup that comes on the very first screen in the list of all the backups which is refreshed every time you open the app and slide left to see what you can restore!

Backup functions Restore data

All the backed up data will be restored to your phone’s /data folder and that too without the need of a boot to the recovery mode using this wonderful app.

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Personally, we at Hack My Android switch between ROMs on our devices following the aforementioned method. Isn’t it a great idea? Leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

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