[TASKER] Periodically delete screenshots from your Android device

Screenshots are usually one of those things you only require at that instant of time. You take a screenshot of something you want to buy online or something you’d like to share with your friends. Before you know it, your gallery is full of screenshots that are no longer needed.

Tasker is an app that can be used to periodically wipe your screenshots directory. Essentially, Tasker is a task control and automation app. It allows users to create mini Android applications to perform a particular function. Using Tasker for our purpose is fairly simple.

Create a Tasker Profile to Select the Days on Which Screenshots Should be Deleted

Fire up Tasker on your phone and tap on the plus sign to create a profile. Select ‘Day’ and then select the days you want to delete your screenshots (In this case we have selected Sunday). You should see the following screen :

You can choose any day of the week or particular days of the month, whichever is convenient.

Create Task to Delete Screenshots

When you go back, you will be asked to enter a Task name. Enter “Delete Screenshots” or anything else you are comfortable with. In the next screen, you can create a list of actions that should run when your device enters the state you defined in your profile. Tap on the plus sign and in the Action Category choose File > Delete Directory. In the next screen you will be asked to enter the directory to be deleted. You can select the directory by searching for it by clicking on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon on the top right corner. Check the ‘Recurse’ option which helps you delete the folder even if it has contents in it.

Note: Screenshots folder can be navigated through /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Screenshots.

Make sure you use this feature with care as it has the capability to wipe our your entire external storage.

This should delete screenshots on your device on the selected day. In case of any questions let us know in the comments below.