Create your own Battery Saver using Tasker

If you’re unfortunate enough to own a phone with bad battery life, your phone is probably always on power saver. However, some phones may not come with power saving mode. Even if there is a built-in power saver, it’s rarely customizable and you can’t always configure it to do what you want, when you want.

With Tasker, users can create their own battery saver. You can have the battery saver perform whenever and however you want it to. As a matter of fact, you can select the things you want to disable when the battery saver is active.

Create a Tasker Profile to Optimize Battery

Fire up Tasker on your phone and select the TASKS tab. Tap on the plus sign and you’ll be prompted to name your task. I’ve named it ‘Set 1’

Turn off Networks

Mobile data and bluetooth tend to drain your battery quite a lot so it’s better to turn them off.

Select your task and tap on the plus sign to add a new action. Then tap Net, Bluetooth and set it to off.

You can also switch to 2G network when your device is connected to WiFi (requires Root).

Disable Auto Sync

Tasker can turn off notifications and auto syncing so your phone isn’t constantly checking for new mail, social updates, etc.

Add new action, select Net and then Auto Sync. Set it to off. (Disable auto sync)

To reduce notification volume, add a new action, select Audio and then Notification Volume. Set that to 0.

Repeat the same for Notification Pulse.

Disable Auto Brightness and set Brightness to 0

Display is one of the things that’ll consume most of your device’s battery.

To disable Auto Brightness, add new action, select Display and then Auto Brightness. Set it to off.

To set brightness to 0, add a new action, select Display and then Display Brightness. Set that to 0.

Creating and Configuring the Profile

Select the PROFILES tab and tap the plus sign. Select StatePowerBattery Level and then set it to whatever range you want the battery saver to be active for (I’ve set it for when the battery level is from 0 to 30%). You’ll then be prompted to link a task. Simply select the task you’ve created. In this case, I select Set 1.

To finish up, long press on Battery Level , tap on AddState, Power, Power again and then set Source to Any and check Invert. This will essentially keep the profile active as long as the device isn’t charging. You can also test your tasks by going to the TASKS tab, selecting your task and tapping the play button.

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