[TASKER] Snap a photo with one tap

Opening up the camera app, switching settings and finally pressing the shutter button takes up time. If it’s a moving subject, it might be pointless to even try if it takes a while to open up the camera. Capturing a moment quickly can be a bit tricky. However, with the help of Tasker, we can automate this process and achieve the same, all in a tap of a button.

Tasker is a task control and automation app. It allows users to create mini Android applications to perform a particular function. Using Tasker for our purpose is fairly simple.

Create a Tasker Profile to snap a picture

Fire up Tasker on your phone and tap on the plus sign to create a profile. Select the first context as Application and select your default camera app and go back. You should see the following screen:

Tap “New Task” and give it a name. We are naming our task “Snap”.

Create a Task which snaps a picture

Tap on the plus sign to create an action. In the action category, select “Media” and then “Take Photo”. Set the parameters as shown in the screenshot. We have set the resolution to 1920×1080, but you can change it as you like. You can also set it to take a quick selfie by changing the Camera from “Rear” to “Front”.

The Filename field has to contain the %TIME variable so that no new snaps replace the existing ones given that %TIME will always be unique.


After you have set up your preferences, head back to your home screen and place a tasker shortcut. Select the task you just created and test it out by tapping the icon. If all goes well, the camera should open, snap a picture, and then close, all automatically.

For a direct method, you can download the APK from Google Drive. Just install the APK and it should be good to go.

If you have any questions, feel free to put them out in the comments section below, we’ll be glad to help you out!