Textgram Lets You Create Pictures With Text To Share on Instagram & Other Social Networks

You might have seen your friends posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks which contain texts on a funny background or a short infographic which looks cool and interesting. Creating funny pictures with text to make your friends laugh might be an interesting activity to do, but how do your friends create it?

Perhaps they might use an app like Textgram that lets you create funny picture messages. These are pictures which contain the text that you have entered. The texts can be entered on various pictures that are available and can be saved either your device’s external memory or can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.



The app has a very nice interface which runs well on phone with large screen but may not run well on a short screen as the buttons appear overlapped. Once installed, the first screen let you enter the custom text along with stickers that can be used on several different backgrounds. After you enter the text and tap on the next button, you will be able to modify the style of the text, change the background and add texture to the picture. These options appear as categories below the image preview. As already said, if your phone has a short screen, you may face some difficulties in sliding across the categories and options.

You may not use this app everyday except when you wish to be creative. If you are an Instagram addict, this app is for you. You may also use it to convey your message in the form of picture to your loved ones. Or if you own a page where you post funny pictures, this app will be of great help.

The advantages of using this app include making your creativity practical and letting you share your creativity on social networks easily. A downside is that it may not run properly on tiny screens, but decreasing the size of the preview may not let you read the text that is written on the image. I did not face any force close issues or any other issue on this app.  The app has a 4.5 rating on Google Play Store.


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  • So I love using this app, but I have a couple dislikes… for one you can not receive pictures from other people. Two sometimes the app doesn’t open and when it does it takes forever. But over all fix the bugs and it would be great! (: