The Moto X Will React To Voice Commands Just Like Google Glass

Google’s Moto X smartphone is expected to be different from other Android smartphones in the market considering the teaser released by the company few days back. More leaks have also come in but there hasn’t been any information on how the device would work until we got some news yesterday. One of our insiders who has had his hands on the device calls it “Very awesome” and that the Moto X will have similarities with Google Glass. It will be respond to voice commands just like the Google Glass, probably something like “OK Moto, Take a picture.” Now that seems interesting to me and also something I could believe on.

Google’s Eric Schmidt was also spotted using a mystery Motorola phone when he attended the annual Allen and Co media conference. Though he did not comment on the nature of this phone, he surely couldn’t resist himself from drawing media attention.

Apart from the above photos, that have been leaked, Phone Arena and Android Central did leak out some images of the device being tested on Verizon and Sprint’s LTE network.

Both these leaked images also look quite similar, so I guess it is safe to believe that the device is Moto X.


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Source: Android Central and PhoneArena