The Sony Xperia S Tablet Unveiled – Yours for Euro 399!

The much awaited big screen brother of the Xperia line up of high performance phones from SONY has been unveiled, we are talking about the Xperia Tablet S. After a series of leaked spec sheets as well as some promising leaked photoshoots, the Xperia S Tablet is finally here as per the announcement made by the Japanese mobile spearhead. With a Tegra 3 Chipset residing inside the classy frame with it’s four cores ticking inside @1.5Ghz along with a gigabyte of RAM, the Quad core aristocrat is all set for a Q4 2012 release in 3 variants viz. the 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb versions.

The Xperia Tablet S apart from a flagship worthy spec-sheet, packs in a HD Reality Display inside a water resistant aluminium casing meanwhile running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich out-of-the-box along with the heavy UI optimization that the Sony Xperia line up offers, namely the Xperia UI. The Display resolution is set to be a 800p unit along with the camera counting at 8megapixels for the back one while a 2 megapixels lens sits upfront to take care of all your conferencing needs.

An all over healthy package priced aggressively to set the pace on fire for Tablet makers like the lives of HTC, Samsung, what my opinion is that it may give even the iPads, a run for their money courtesy the Xperia branding which this 8.9 incher hosts. So, the question is how far can SONY hold to it’s word and deliver this product to the users and what will be the marketing strategy it’ll be using? Will it be targeting the Apple slates or it’ll create a niche of it’s own?

What is your opinion? Will you be taking one of these home ( not to mention the pricing here ) ?

Please leave your opinions/queries in the comments section as we’ll be keeping you in line with all the updates on this amazingly sleek powerhouse from SONY.