Tip: Download Videos from Facebook for Android via ES File Explorer

Facebook doesn’t allow any downloads of videos but you can definitely go around the internet that lets you download videos that are uploaded on Facebook. But what could you do to download videos when you are browsing Facebook on your Android? Well, there is no app that lets you download videos from Facebook for Android but I just discovered that you can do it using ES File Explorer.

Screenshot_2013-04-30-05-17-08 Screenshot_2013-04-30-05-17-19

As you can see in the screenshots above, ES Downloader pops up as an option when you try to play the video on Facebook and it does download the video to your external memory. Make sure you have updated ES File Explorer to the latest version – its great with some awesome features.

Does that violate Facebook’s TOS? I’m not sure about this but I think the app does a great job downloading these videos from Facebook’s official Android app – its easy and convenient.

Download ES File Explorer