Top 10 Android Dating Apps

Old times are gone when people see each other in real life in the company of mutual friends, on friend’s wedding, festivals or at any other place and after that start dating each other. Now in the contemporary world, you have an electronic device in the shape smart phones and you have plenty of instant messengers and dozens of android dating apps available on the internet play store. So, it is a trend that people meet each other using dating site and after that, if enough spark fly they start dating in real life.


It is one of the most popular android dating apps in the current digital world. It allows women to make their first move when found the desired match, it also provides women a specific time period of 24 hours to make her move, and man to respond back within 24 hours. Having plenty of bugs and issues, it is still the finest among many.


Clover is actually up-and-coming android dating application, it allows people to make picking people out and start communicating with each other when they think has found the exact match of their choice. It also provides the capacity to set updates, mixers, finding and events and many other things.


Tinder is one of the most popular and highly appreciated android dating apps by the teenagers. Youngsters, especially young teens are the regular users of the tinder dating app. Users can make acquaintance, once you have it you can do chat in private mode and then make plans for first date meeting. This is the app is highly modernize dating app among the rest.

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Coffee Meets Bagels

It is also most exciting android dating app for those who are interested in online dating. At every eve men and women can get curated list regarding their opposite gender near to their living area. The men have authority to prioritize the curated lists who have already revealed their interest.


It is the most interesting android dating app, through your GPS you can find people who are living with your closest area. It is actually a local android dating app. Like others traditional android dating apps it will not perform as good if it is not a famous app in your residential area.

It is typically traditional dating app and site; you can perform most of the activities through its website. It provides you the daily update regarding the perfect matches, people can communicate through messaging and people can search other people. The application is for those who are looking for dating someone and it is free.


It is actually also a location based android dating app; it has very simple and user-friendly features. its interface is very bright and easy to understand. This particular app has the record of 100 million downloads and uses between all the variety of platforms. People, who find at this platform, can become more than just friends.


OkCupid has almost 40 million users all across the Globe, but it is unknown that how many people are the regular users of this particular android dating. The finest app provides app provide traditional dating methods. The application will interview you to know your personality and then enable you to find a perfect dating match.

POF Dating

POF Dating app has its extraordinary repute among the list of all android dating apps in the contemporary world. Certainly, it is thy best and free android dating application, but it should be definitive enough for you to pay more money to get more advanced features in order to find your desired match.


It is also one of the most famous and user-friendly androids dating app, it has thousands of users but it still not conforms yet, that how many regular the dating applications have. There is no doubt about that, it is a fairly standard dating app. You initially have to sign up for it. The pay wall used to of hiding some powerful features, but a user can use this app until he gets satisfied to get more features through payment.


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