Top 10 Useful Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Smartphone Battery Healthy

People always consider battery life when they are looking for a new phone. Because battery life is one of the most important facts for smartphone and other gadgets. Day-by-day, manufacturers also try their best to improve battery life. But there are some things you can also do to make your smartphone battery long lasting as well as keep it healthy. Following some useful tips and tricks, you can easily improve your smartphone battery life. And here, we are going to share some smart and useful tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy and long lasting.

  1. Turn Off Location or GPS

Turn Off Location or GPS

Location of GPS service used by many apps that you installed on your Smartphone and GPS/Location service consume huge battery power. Almost all maps and navigation related use the GPS service to receive signal and show data. And we need to use maps or navigation apps, but you need to remember that, you must turn off the GPS or location service when you don’t use it. This option can help you to save huge battery power as well as keep it healthy for better longevity.

  1. Turn Off Bluetooth/NFC

Turn Off Bluetooth/NFC

Almost all smartphone comes with Bluetooth connectivity option and some also come with NFC connectivity option. We use Bluetooth or NFC to connect with other smartphone or gadgets to share/receive data. The Bluetooth or NFC also consume huge battery power that may damage your battery life if you constantly keep them ON. So it is better to keep Bluetooth and NFC off while you are not using.

  1. Turn Off Vibrations

People always busy with their works, they need to attend meeting or conference. Now-a-days most of the office also not allowed using a mobile phone during office time. So most of us use Smartphone vibration option instead of Ringtone to get notifications about calls, SMS or emails. But you may don’t know that vibration consume more battery power than a ringtone. And some source also claims that vibration may harm the smartphone life as well as battery. So try to avoid Vibrations instead of Ringtone when possible to keep your smartphone battery condition healthy.

  1. Turn-Off Auto Brightness Mode

The auto brightness mode is one of the common features of today’s smartphone that will automatically adjust the screen brightness on the various lighting situation. However, using high brightness consume battery power and reduce life time, so some people use Auto Brightness feature to keep it safe. But this is also nothing but a myth that harms your battery life. So turn off the auto brightness mode now and set up the low brightness as possible.

  1. Keep Your Screen Brightness Low and Shorten the Screen Timeout

Using low brightness can increase your smartphone battery life dramatically. Most of the people use high screen brightness when they watch videos or play games and some people always use high brightness. Using high brightness is most dangerous for battery life and it also consumes huge power. People also use high brightness because they believe that, using low brightness will harm their eye. But there is no medical proof for this. However, you can also make your screen timeout shorter to keep your smartphone alive for a little bit more.

  1. Don’t Make Battery Power Level Zero

Some people believe that recharging smartphone battery when it goes to 0% is the best idea to keep the battery condition good for a long time. But actually, this also harmful for battery and damage it quickly.

  1. Disconnect the Charger When Battery Level is 100%

We are always busy with our work at the day and recharging phone battery may not possible. So most of the people recharge their smartphone battery at the night when they go to sleep. And unplug the charger at the morning although the battery takes 1-2 hours to take full charge. This is also not a good practice for battery life and may harm it quickly.

  1. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Connection

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Connection

In this modern era, we need to use the internet on our smartphone over Wi-Fi or Cellular Data to browse the web, check emails, social profiles or communicate with the people. Wi-Fi or Cellular data also consume huge battery power and you must turn it off while not using.

  1. Try to Avoid Fast Charger

Now-a-days, people like to use the fast charger to recharge their smartphone quickly to save their valuable time. But most of the fast charger is the primary reason for damaging battery quickly. So always try to avoid fast chargers to recharge your smartphone.

  1. Keep Your Smartphone Cool

There are several reasons available that may make your smartphone hot. And using fast charger is one of them. Using un-official charger (that not come with the device) also might make your smartphone hot. And making your smartphone hot is bad for both smartphone hardware as well as battery.

  1. Use the Battery Power Saving Feature

Use the Battery Power Saving Feature

Nowadays, most of the smartphones come with built-in power saving mode to increase your battery life and keep it safe from damage. So using the battery power saving is the best idea to make your smartphone battery long lasting.

Final Thoughts

If you follow some simple hacks, you can easily make your smartphone battery life longer and keep it healthy. And hope our tips will help you to do this.

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