Top 5 Dual Sim Android Phones You Must Consider Buying

Top 5 Best Dual Sim Android Phones

It’s been a long time since the “duals” or “duos” have hit the mobile scene and as far as the view of the scene is considered, they have created a niche of their own in which they prevail safely. Dual sim phones are currently available in different versions in the market under different price brackets and you can find a variety of dual  SIM technologies over the lot viz Dual Standby, GSM/GSM, GSM/CDMA, CDMA/CDMA etc. These phones have been creating a lot of hype and especially amongst the people who aren’t as green by the pockets ( where a general user counts on usability instead of some aesthetically proven benchmarks), the dual sim phones have created some kind of instability amongst the different price brackets e.g. a normal user now prefers to go for the Samsung Galaxy Ace DUOS instead of the more powerful yet cheaper HTC Explorer. The cause of this can be accredited on the shoulders of the mobile carriers, one allows better internet speed while being economical while the other offers bettr tariff rates. Meanwhile, the user also has to suffer in terms of performance issues as the Dual SIM telephony just doesn’t come along with promising benchmarks.

Come on, that’s something for the past now as different mobile making firms have  recently come up with some strong replies counter to this issue. With Samsung being the pioneer of the mob in this field while mass mobile makers like LG and SONY joining the league through their budget dual-droids and a heavyweight like HTC taking it’s stand, get a frown on your face as you go through this article as you just won’t have to compromise in terms of performance and quality over your feast of dual SIM telephony as we bring to you this Review article on the best 5 dual SIM droids out there in the market ( along with a massive surprise for you as you move towards the end of the article ) .

We have surpassed the barriers of pricing and any kind of deviation which can lure us, and here we are with the best 5 lying in different price brackets meanwhile taking good care of the taste to be served. So, get your notebooks and get ready to draft your points as we begin with the first of the 5.

We’re not going to be particular about any single device and hence standing with no offence to the different firms, phones of whom we are here to talk about. Also make a note that this isn’t any ranked list to decide which is a better device as the taste differs user by user.

 Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos has been a blockbuster of sales when it comes to entry level droids by thrashing out each and every single rival that came in it’s way of selling out from the shelves. The compact droid packs in a punch with some good looks along with some promising performance courtesy the snappy 832Mhz processor. You might be thinking that why we quote it as promising in terms of  performance while keeping the more powerful Galaxy ACE Duos out of the scene. It may sound absurd to the general user but the fact behind this is that the Galaxy Y Duos sports a QVGA(240×320)  display resolution while the ACE Duos has to do with an HVGA(320×480) resolution on top( again, that’s 3.0″ v/s 3.5″ take that for ppi! ).

Apart from all these technical talks, it’s the Samsung Touchwiz topped over Android 2.3 Gingerbread  which makes the difference as it appeals somewhat homely to Samsung’s own generated public. The 2 megapixel snapper is enough to take care of all the imaging needs of the Social networks you thrive upon while the battery has got enough of juice to keep you going for atleast a day or so. Priced aggressively(region dependent), this phone is worth to be a part of your list if you don’t have any priorities except for a simple droid experience iced with Samsung’s sturdy dual SIM technology.

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LG Optimus L3 E405 Dual SIM

It’s a special entry in this list from the makers of one of the biggest hits of the budget-droids category( definitely we are talking about the almighty LG Optimus One P500 and LG Optimus Me P350), the LG E405 Dual is one of the promising new droids for the general user as along with the performance it offers on the serve courtesy the zippy 800Mhz processor rocking along with 384 Megabytes of RAM and the well trusted Adreno200 GPU over the Qualcomm MSM7225A Snapdragon chipset, the icing gets done by some superior build quality.

The 3.2” QVGA display is enough to take good care  of all your multimedia needs and the 3.2 megapixel camera delivers crisp photos in the brighter part of the day while on the software part the phone runs on a heavily customized Android 2.3 Gingerbread with the company’s own LG UI 2.0 on top which promises a snappy performance without cutting on the eye candy that the platform can deliver. The 1540 mAh battery is something that this little guy boasts and definitely could be proud of as this is where it beats all the competition and scales up the desire list as battery life is the part where almost all the budget droids fail to deliver.

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SONY Xperia Tipo Dual

Bringing some class to the community, the latest entry in the block, the SONY Xperia Tipo Dual sits a class apart from all the competition. It may lure the mob by all the elegance and charm that it boasts but it seems SONY believes that “it’s not showing off if you just don’t back it up”. The phone has more to offer than what one would wish for in it’s price bracket viz. the zippy Qualcomm MSM7225AA Chipset with a cortex A5 core ticking inside coupled with 512 Megabytes of RAM. But as we said, what takes it apart from it’s class is the Sony Xperia UI running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box( Yes, you heard that right! )  which means you get a user interface on a budget droid for which even the potential buyers can pay huge bucks. Cool eh?

On the multimedia part, you get a 3.2″ HVGA Display with some sort of glass protection to deliver you with some rich eye candy upfront and the 3.15 megapixel shooter is no exception when it comes to the image quality that SONY phones have been delivering over the decade. The battery is a 1500mAh unit but it won’t be considered an edge over the L3 as it comes at a cost of a few more bucks from your pocket. So it’s up to you to decide whether you wanna settle for the class or escalate it a bit higher, taste matters.

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 Samsung Galaxy S Duos

“The Bigger, The Better” this might be the way for some users who are pissed off their small screen phones but can’t sit to compensate on either Dual SIM technology or performance. The same stands true as the first thought which might have juggled down the minds of the people at Samsung while making this Dual SIM avatar to one hell of a blockbuster of all times, the original Galaxy S.  The name is as big as it could be and bigger is the ask, as far as the general user is concerned, this may be the high end thing to go for but for those who thrive on synthetic benchmarks, this is just not the history revised at all. The Hummingbird is gone and now replaced by the newer Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon chipset which does delivers good performance while the ARMv7 architecture adds to the compatibility list, the phone rocks a 1Ghz Cortex-A5 core+Adreno 200 combo along with 768 Megabytes of RAM to multitask as many apps as you throw over it.

The phone has been criticized a lot but in reality, the outcome may be a whole different story courtesy the latest Touchwiz UI topped over Android 4.0 ICS that Samsung has put on the serve for you. A 480 x 800 pixels, 4.0 inches (~233 ppi pixel density) display sits upfront along with a secondary camera for your video conferencing needs while you can find an expected 5megapixel camera which is also capable of shooting videos at a dissapointing VGA resolution as one of the let downs of the slower chipset.

The battery is rated at 1500mAh which supposed to anyone is not a deal breaker as the display is a bit bigger than the phones with batteries rated at the same capacity. So, if you wish for a bigger screen and a Samsung maniac, this might just be the phone for you as in addition to all what you desire, it has got a branding which has delivered a healthy amount of user satisfaction over the past 2 years. Talking of Desire? well, let’s get to the last part of this post as we have a heavyweight waiting for your attraction to be paid.

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HTC Desire V

The final entry to our list is one from the Taiwanese heavyweight without being a “one” . The HTC Desire V is coming out of the blues from the the Taiwanese giant, as this time they have decided to go for their trusted brand name instead of going for the newer “one” tag that it’s newbies host. Believe me, this gamble might just turn out to be some tough competition for the Samsung Dual SIM flasgship. The HTC Desire V shares the same chipset( Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon/1Ghz/Adreno 200) with the latter while has some extra toppings on the serve for you viz. some deep social networking and beats audio integration.

The HTC Desire V runs on the latest HTC Sense 4.0 over Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box which does prove out to be a deal breaker for you if are one of those people who count for the best user interface available on the android platform. HTC Sense is indeed a deal breaker in it’s own as it combines some sleek looks with heavy customization over the UI along with a damn good memory management system, it’s so smooth that you won’t regret making your desires altered. The HTC Sense 4.0 may just turn out to be too much to ask for the modest chipset but you might just not get the chance to get into it’s skin.

HTC phones are known for their sturdy build quality while the 4.0″ WVGA display with a pixel count rating in at 233 ppi, you won’t miss a details out of the videos or photos that you can click on via it’s 5megapixel camera. As far as the dual SIM capabilities are concerned, the Second SIM card acts more like a companion SIM that can deliver you only with some good quality calling because as far as high speed data is concerned SIM1 is the only way to go while the phone does supports Dual Standby. The battery here is a 1650 mAh one which might turn out to be and edge over it’s direct competitor while it’s up to the user what he desires for. Sturdy and clean as it goes, the HTC Desire V may turn out to be a blockbuster if promoted and marketed well.

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So, as promised, we are done with putting to the best 5 droids out of all the dual SIM ones present out there in the market. All the five phones mentioned above sport a genre of their own while we have taken care to clarify what are the factors that make these dudes stand apart from their competitors. It’s up to the user what he wants. Class or Brand? which side are you in?