Top 5 Mid Range Android Smartphones You Must Consider Buying

The flagships are the blockbusters which undergo a lot of hard work and efforts as they are made with ample amount of love and care so as to breed a knight that can take on the opposition on its own and turn the fortunes around. Since these flagship handsets are build with the best of silicon on the interior while the exterior’s are made to stand apart from the lot, the total cost involved and so the pricing of these devices are pretty high. And these prices could be as high as a leg or an arm for the common man and hence these monstrous devices are not everyone’s cup of tea!

But since the common man can’t really rely on those entry-level Broadcomm or Qualcomm MSM722X based handsets for getting them through the basic computing and leisure needs, it’s the mid range devices that steal the show as they promise and do deliver back with a lot of value added back to the bucks spent. The world around us is changing and so is the Android ecosystem. The bar of entry-level handsets has taken a rise from armv6 528mhz devices to armv7 devices with their single core CPUs clocking around the generous enough 1 GHz mark. They do run the latest on the software part but at some point they do fail to deliver what a mid range offering can do with. Nobody needs a handset with only ”passable” performance surrendered for the cost of a few more dollars over the latter’s price!

These Mid Range devices now range from anything above the $250 mark to the $400+ mark and this range comprises of some of the most versatile all rounders that droid army every had. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Ace was amongst the first devices to bring up the mid-range fame to the game and is still selling high around the globe for more than two years of its launch! But now, it’s about devices that host multiple computing cores with upto a Gigabyte of RAM and a powerful graphics chip to power SuperAMOLEDs and cameras with backlit sensors along with state of the art Audio amplification systems! These devices can deliver the user with some top-notch performance courtesy their robust chipsets like the Snapdragon s4 plus or the MediaTek ones but the best part of the deal is the multimedia front where these devices deliver more than the user’s desires like the SuperLCDs or Audio amplifiers to serve with visuals and sound that are pleasing to the eyes and soothing to the soul while the deal comes easier on the pockets!

Let’s have a look at the best five mid rangers that go around the $250 mark and come on top in my list of the best :

1. HTC Desire X


 This Taiwanese entry is one of the finest pieces that have come out from HTC which has been known for its zero compromise build quality fame and the desire X is surely worth a look if you go passing by the mid range handsets. The dual core snapdragon plus Adreno 203 combo on top of 768 MB of RAM zips through almost all the tasks and fun you throw at it but the biggest setback comes in the form of the absence of High Definition video capabilities. For a handset of this genre, where the Lumias are delivering outclassing video recording and playback support, the straight no go to HD content pulls down a lot of smiling faces. The still camera is a sharp shooter and it does shoots a bit more sharper but that’s ok to do with the phone being a HTC device. Bottomline, If you want to have a zippy Android 4.0 ICS experience along with superb sound processing capabilities and a more upmarket feel for your money, you can go for the HTC lad.

2. Samsung Galaxy S Advance


It was too early for the next flagship while the Galaxy S2 was far beyond the common man’s pockets and it was the time of ST-Ericsson’s NovaThor chipsets. Taking the SuperAMOLED blood for the flagship and combining it with the modestly NovaThor silicon, Sammy pulled out a player that outscored the rest of the competition with its high end specifications for the mid range buck. Currently selling around the $250 mark, the Samsung Galaxy S Advance comprises of a dual core 1Ghz processor running along with the Mali 400 series GPU hat work in hand to power a dazzling WVGA SuperAMOLED display unit and the HD content that can also be captured by the 5 Megapixel camera. Although in its initial stages, this device couldn’t pull out much of an audience for itself but after the recent price slash and the Jelly Bean with Touchwiz Nature UX seeding, this just sets in for deal.

3. Micromax A116 CanvasHD


So here comes our very own Desi entry to the mid range game and apart from the local branding and cheaper price tag for it’s worth, the Micromax Canvas HD stands and delivers. A Quad core processor, a gigabyte of RAM and a state of the art graphics chip to power up a 720p 5 inches of display estate and let me tell ya, although it borrows a bit of its aesthetics from the HTC’s One series but hey! It still doesn’t looks bad and does pulls out some terrific performance for the asking price! An 8 MP shooter with 720p video on the back and a 2 MP front facing camera seal the deal up. Therefore, if you can compromise a bit on the branding or the tag, you can choose this one blindfolded as ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY DOES HIGH DEFINITION IN MID RANGE UNLESS IT’S MICROMAX!

4. LG Optimus L7 II


The sequel a not so successful yet worthy enough mid ranger, the LG Optimus L7 is for those who want to have that metal brush finish and sleek rectangular casing and the clean and efficient user interface that LG is known for. Having made the successful Nexus device, LG went on a spree earlier this year and launched quite a few handsets that go hand in hand with the competition from the entry-level genre to the big game of the flagships. The LG Optimus L7 II shares the interior configuration with the HTC Desire X while the same sad story follows up here too as the video recording resolution maxes out at the modest FWVGA standards while the frame rate ticks healthy at 30fps. Yes, the desire X is much better in terms of fit and finish and the extremely classy Sense UI on top of Android 4.0 ICS but the LG Optimus L7 II counts upon the equally good IPS LCD and a much better battery to top out the HTC offering. Further, the LG Optimus L7 II runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean topped up with the super sleek and eye pleasing LG UI(My personal favorite as far as simplicity is concerned!) which does seems to be distant dream for its HTC counterpart. Better battery, Better UI on the latest of the platfrom but a bit inferior on the design and multimedia front. If you wanna go with it, all you’ll need will be a moment of thought over the brushed metal back that once used to be a style quotient but faded away with the departure of Nokia’s N-series bombshells!

5. Sony Xperia L

xperia l

Here comes the latest kid on the block and lemme tell ya! It is in for some serious business. Sony has been delivering with mid range blockbusters year after year and this time around, it is the sequel to the much popular Xperia U that’s up to the job and by the looks of it, I think Sony have done their homework quite brilliantly this time. The Sony Xperia L boasts one of the most powerful chipsets in the segment with two Krait cores ticking alongside the Adreno 305 GPU with a Gigabyte of RAM ticking aside. On the back is a 8 Megapixel snapper which goes by the standards of Sony’s imaging fame while it also does an easy 720p of video too along with a VGA unit upfront! Meanwhile, the display is a 4.3 inch FWVGA unit with no Bravia tweaks and the phone runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean straight out of the box topped up with the clean and classy Xperia UI. I got a chance to deal with this one also in real life and the only bad thing about the ”Too good enough for its price” smartphone is the build quality which looked much inferior to what Sony has been delivering through. But apart from that, the whole package is healthy enough to churn out on the lives of the competition while the first price cut has brought the competition to a fairly lower level of the food chain where the Dual Core Krait and 8 Megapixel combo under the Xperia goodness might turn out to be the predator. If not, it’ll surely bring some more work for the competition to be brought to the tables at least!

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