Top 5 Real Money Games On Android

Mobile gaming has climbed to incredible heights these last few years. Old arcade classics have been resurrected, console games have been shrunk, and plenty of original experiences can keep us occupied for hours at a time. The mobile medium has truly become a major aspect of the gaming industry. As much fun as the average mobile game is nowadays, however, sometimes it’s even more thrilling to play a game that has legitimate stakes. In other words, sometimes it’s fun to seek out a real money gaming option.

Depending on where you are in the world and what the gambling laws are like there, not all of these apps will always be available. But if real money gaming on your Android device appeals, here are some titles to keep in mind.


This is more of a cluster of games than a single title, but it’s definitely one to have on your list. Ozoneplay claims to have changed the gaming experience with a “better type of mobile gaming platform,” which is to say one with a different and more competitive pay model. Basically, you can play the numerous games included in the app for free until you get good at them, and then start entering tournaments and contests. You generally pay a small entry fee to do so (as little as $0.25), and you can win real cash prizes for performing well.


If you haven’t heard of DraftKings, it actually works quite similarly to Ozoneplay, except that it’s based on fantasy sports rather than mobile arcade games. With this app, your job is to enter a given contest with a set entry fee and cash payout options. Once you’re in the competition, you pick a team of athletes for a day or week’s worth of sports, and you place according to how well those athletes play. If your team earns enough points to rank where there are payouts (this varies from one competition to the next), you’ll make money.

Gonzo’s Quest

For this spot I could have gone with any number of real money casino games available for mobile devices. But Gonzo’s Quest is one of the better and more popular versions. One review stated that the visuals of the game actually out-do those of many of the newer slots out there, and I’d agree. The slot reel itself is full of pretty straightforward icons, but the surrounding atmosphere, as well as some little video interludes, make it a lot more interesting than your average digital slot machine. As for the pay structure, it works just like any ordinary slot would.


This isn’t exactly a real money game in the traditional sense, but for those who are interested in cryptocurrency it amounts to the same thing. FlapBird rewards its players with Bitcoin, basically for doing well in the game. The experienced itself has been called reminiscent of the addictive Flappy Bird, and that’s probably not an accident. It’s a fairly clear imitation, and one that you can easily have fun with en route to a bolstered Bitcoin account.

Streak For Cash

Streak For Cash isn’t exactly a game in the traditional sense, but you can certainly have fun playing it, and it does pay real money – albeit only to one or two people a month. This is a game run by ESPN in which your only job is to pick outcomes for sporting events. For each correct pick you make, your streak lengthens by one, and the goal is either to have the longest streak in a month (usually somewhere in the mid-30s) or to collect the most total “wins.” You’d have to be extraordinarily lucky to win, but it costs nothing to play and it’s pretty fun once you start to build up a streak.