Top 6 Android Apps To Kill Your Boredom

We are always in search of entertainment options in our busy lifestyle. Apart from television and computer, another entertainment mode has lately come up in the market – it’s the Android smartphones. It can also substitute DSL internet service providers because you can enjoy similar functionality with the smartphones like that of internet providers. Are you overwhelmed? Well, it’s true. Android devices have completely changed the life of people. You can get online, interact in social networking sites and at the same time perform all daily tasks while on move.

Android apps have made this all possible for you. These apps let you play, work and explore the entertainment world. Android phones are those phones which offer you pure laughter with the help of its apps. Are you tired with your day’s work? Check out the Android apps to amuse yourself and laugh out for some time in between your work. Also, these apps are a great companion, when you are on the go and have nothing to do.

Let’s take a look at some of the humorous Android apps offered to you.

1. Fat Booth

Fat Booth

It’s the King amongst the list of Android’s funny apps. How will you look like, if you have a stout body? Or how will your friends look like with such a body? You can know all these with this photograph editor app. You will really like it!

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2. Funny Facts Free

Funny Facts Free

This application has its basis on ads. With this app on the Android device, you get instant access to variety of amusing facts. These apps are designed in such a way that that they will appear true to nature.

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3. Mood Scanner

Mood Scanner

As you can understand from the name itself, this app can recognize your present state of mind. Get this app on your Android phone and placing your thumb on the screen, you will get to know your current mental condition. Isn’t this really interesting?

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4.Funny Kids Cams

Funny Kids Cam

This app makes the photo of your kid interesting by endowing it with an amazing photo frame. The choice of the frames is varied. If you want, you can save this innovative creation into your phone’s memory. How about that?

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6. 18,000 Cool Jokes

18,000 Cool Jokes

Want to be updated with the latest jokes? This is the right app for you with a collection of quips and puns in different categories. Select your desired category and keep on laughing at the joke. You will also get monthly, weekly and daily ranking of jokes so that you can find out what is comical to others.

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7. The Moron Test

The Moron Test

This app is nothing but answering the puzzles. How much puzzle expertise you have? Test it with this app. Mock the players playing this app for the first time.

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Try out each app and have utmost pleasure in between your hard work. These are really entertaining for the Android users.

Author BioJerry Harrison is a gadget specialist. He has immense knowledge about online computer repair services and about the different apps of tablets and iPads. Presently he is working with the My Tech Support Store (MTSS) and his tips and suggestions are really helpful.