Unbrick LG Optimus L5 Using KDZ Updater

Rooting, flashing and getting your phone bricked are the three major parts of an Android geek’s life. While Rooting and flashing the device helps us to take out the hidden potential of the device, the term called bricking is where you get to face the reality with some pinch of salt. The situation in which your phone doesn’t turns on or you face some weird post-flashing consequences on your phone is called the bricked state of your device.It’s normal, can happen with anybody, even I learnt how to flash my first droid, the LG Optimus P350 after bricking it around 5 times. But courtesy our very own Lalit Indoria and his post at BlogoTech helped me snap out of the situation with ease. The same goes round with any new phone on the block as the flashable recoveries or ROMs may not be stable enough to work properly across various hardware builds. It may be a developer’s issue or the region dependency of hardware which may face conflicts with the subjected software, which may get your phone bricked.

LG Optimus L5 is one of the new comers which is holding a strong position in the market courtesy it’s poor yet amazing 4-inches of display estate. Poor? Blame the low display ppi, Amazing? You can’t demand more out of the price tag it boasts. If you own one and are a little bit on the Geeky side, you may have flashed the latest or may have even bricked it. If that is the case with you, we at Hack My Android are here to your aid.

Bored of my crap talks? Aha, Let’s begin with the restoration process of your phone.

Flash Stock Firmware on LG Optimus L5

  1. Download LG Optimus l5 USB Driver  for Windows | Mac.
  2. Download official LG Optimus l5 stock firmware from this page. The file would be a .kdz file. Download the appropriate firmware according to your network provider and country.
  3. Download KDZ updater and install it on your computer.
  4. The zip file has a Microsoft XML parser, make sure you run it as an administrator and restart your PC. This will solve the wparam 100 and lparam 6 issue mentioned in a comment below.
  5. The next step is to put your phone into emergency mode. To do this, remove the battery of your phone and re-insert it (don’t turn it on). Press and hold Volume Up button and Volume Down button. While you are pressing the two buttons, press the Power button. So now, you must be pressing all three buttons together.
  6. Your phone will boot into emergency mode and you should see a yellow screen with Emergency mode written on it.
  7. Pick up the USB Cable and connect your phone to the computer via the USB Cable.
  8. Run KDZ updater as Administrator.
  9. Choose the following options in KDZ Updater: Type: 3GQCT Phone Mode: DIAG and KDZ file is the one you downloaded in step 3. Click on the image below for a better view.
    Unbrick LG Optimus L3
  10. Re-check with the image above and ensure that you have the appropriate settings on the KDZ updater.
  11. Take a deep breath and click on “Launch Software Update” button.
  12. This process is usually long. It take quite a long time for the firmware to be flashed on your phone.
  13. If everything goes well, you will see “Finished” written in the log screen and your phone will change to switched off mode from Emergency mode.
  14. The next time you turn it on, your phone will take a lot of time to reboot. Stay Cool! its normal.

If you have followed this tutorial by the comprehensively, your phone must be breathing life again, you, being the reason this time! Go on, let it rip and keep Hacking! 🙂

Do you face any issues? Please post them on our forum to get quicker replies!
  • Kracken636

    whi i can't put my l5 in emergency mode ?

    • Billy Bob

      You say L5. I click on the link to look at the roms and it says L3 stock firmwares….why?

      • I am extremely sorry, thanks for pointing that out. The link has been updated.

        • Nigel Novelo

          hey bro I cannot access the download mode eventhough i am pressing the volup and down plus the power button at the same time why is this so?

  • Kracken636

    Access denied for windows l5 drivers … why?

    • Are you using Windows 8?

      • Kracken636

        no, i'm using windows 7 with google chrome

  • L4d_edison

     dude why cant i access emergency mode?

    • May be you aren't pressing the button combination properly or if it is a hard brick, you will not be able to boot into emergency mode.

      • Kracken636

        i' ve the same problem 

        • Kracken636

          what is this mode (vol up + home , push power for 3 sec , wait )

  • Dangger

    Thank you very much for this guide. With your guide I managed to flash 3 different roms until I found the one that I wanted to keep. The KDZ updater crashed every time it finished updating but I didn't have any problems.

  • Milan Palsana

    hey installed CM9 in LG optimus L3 and in that many icon's(Play store, my files etc.) are not showing so i tried to get back my original Rom and by method suggested by you in KDZ update it is showing upgread error with WParam : 100

    LParam : 6

    and my phone is not starting properly os going restarting and restarting with LG logo.

    please help me to get back my phone…

    • Lalit Indoria

      Flash gapps zip file which can be downloaded from http://goo.im/gapps and flash it via recovery mode to get Play Store and from Play Store you can download a file manager.

      • Viral

        My LG l5 e612 is not starting on download mode what to do

  • Wolf

    Lalit I think you have very little knowledge on this and mainly you are misguiding people which led them brick their phone

  • Yan ALC

    I crazy to this phone is not my problem and took a macabre turn on or does not want to stick (I think it is infinite looping). Tightening call him but he flashes a black screen and does not turn ever. Currently tried flashealo with KDZ​​, but gave error in KDZ and gave it to the phone, and I do not know what I did wrong … I do not know what to do help me. mobile screen:

    Not the same league, the phone is not mine, and now?

  • Lalit Indoria

    Are you able to boot into Emergency mode?

    • Yan ALC

      As you enter this mode of emergency, already tried based on some sites but failed. Today Windows 7 recognized it as Android, MTP, MTP USB, USB Composite device. Do not install any driver, all gave error device disconnected … the KDZ still does not recognize nor recovery software from LG

  • Yan ALC

    I managed to resurrect the L5 with KDZ​​, you guys have to press the volume keys and connect it to the PC, it will go into download mode just give flashing with KDZ. Thank you for helping me

  • Sant

    Upgrade Error :

    WParam : 100
    LParam : 2

    Unable to upgrade, any idea?

  • Shabari Girish

    what firmware should i use for india

  • Shabari Girish

    i am getting phone not found

    • Lalit Indoria

      Issue with your drivers. Try to install them and disable anti virus program!

  • Shabari Girish

    i am not getting any yellow screen
    and it is written as”download is in progress do not disconnect the cable”

    • Lalit Indoria

      That’s right, you must see that!

  • Tadael

    Will this guide work for LG e617g?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Yes, it should!

  • Tadael

    actually, i haven’t bricked my phone. i just want to reflash the stock rom onto it. will i run into any problems if i use this guide?

  • Josh

    I installed all drivers, downloaded the firmware .kdz file, and used kdz updater, my LG Optimus E610 connected fine and started unpacking the firmware, after it had finished, the phone had restarted but was stuck on the boot logo, I thought I’d leave it a while (12 hours) and it was still stuck, I have tried repeating the process with no success. I was trying to flash stock rom after flashing Cynogenmod (which worked fine) I don’t know what I did wrong but I need help please.

    • Guest

      Do a Hard Reset.

  • henco

    even with the wpara param problrm it still works

  • XorgMC

    KDZ always crashes, Win 7 says “MOD UpTestEX MFC Application has stopped working.”

    It says it’s an “APPCRASH”, fault module name is “QCT_LGE610_20130412.dll_unloaded”.

    I’ve got Windows 7 Professional 64bit, my phone is a E610

  • Emmanuel Joseph

    mine says upgrade error “wparm 100
    and lparam 500” pls help

  • guest

    method works for me..thankyou..i flashed 20d+root+cmw..if someone needs search it at google becoz i don’t remember my link…and after flashing kdz crashes and there is still no problem…just make a hard reset after installation..check how to hard reset at google lol…15mins total and my phone is working now after 6 months…cheers 😀

  • dennikali

    Germany Links down !!!!!