Unity Launcher For Android: Try It Yourself Even Before it Goes Live!

For all those waiting out there for the Ubuntu mobile OS and it’s fabulous deeply integrated gesture based navigation, even though the full fledged version of the OS will be available for only a limited niche of users, the others can have a taste of it as we have this standalone task switcher which can come in as a pretty much handy utility for most of us out there. Although it comes as a third party installable app, it has got a lot of resemblance with the original one that will come embedded along the Ubuntu mobile OS, it still does most of the functionality in a totally hassle-free fashion.

Call it Ubuntu’s vertical app switcher’s replica, or a dockbar, it does reminds me of those good old day when we used to press the media button on our Nokia touchscreens and the drop-down app dock used to do it for us most of the time rather than the main menu itself!

The Unity Launcher for Android does almost a similar kind of job but in the good old Ubuntu way of doing it. You can swipe along the respective corner of the screen to pop out the application dock which can host most of your apps with ease(I would prefer the frequently used ones though!) and from there, you can switch back and forth between your apps without having the need to go for the stock task manager/switcher of your phone! Further, the Unity Launcher’s dockbar is accessible from almost all sort of screens you are in, let it be your homescreen, an app or even a video which you are watching. In reality, it does comes in handy enough to facilitate a bit more faster way of multitasking as you just need to swipe out the blinking bar at the side of whichever screen you are working in.

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You can define the applications to be present in the dockbar via the extensive settings menu which further allows you to choose the corner of the screen you want to swipe out through along with the appearance of the swipe indicator and the dockbar(including it’s gravity/delay, background and application icon background) itself! There haven’t been many task switchers in the Google Play Store and if you talk about the good ones, there have hardly been any! In my opinion, this is indeed a really cool bit of utility tool that can come in very handy if you do a lot of task switching, the better part being it’s accessibility from almost all the possible screens along your phone’s UI.

While the full version  of the App comes paid at a measly $0.99 worth of ask, you can still bag in the free version of the app which comes with almost all the functionality of the paid version, save for the extended settings menu.

Unity Launcher Download: Free Download/Paid Version.