Root Your HTC One X+ After Unlocking the Bootloader

Being the hierarchical successor to the world’s first quad core smartphone, the HTC One X, the One X+ has got a lot of blood in share from it’s elder sibling. While most of the specification sheet still one or the same across each n every field, the One X+ benefits in the benchmarks table courtesy the 0.2Ghz for each of the 4-cores which now tick at a flashy 1.7Ghz on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 chipset.

The One X+ also has an edge over the competition in the form of it’s 64Gb variant while the phone being a real powerhouse in itself, can’t rest but is ready to take down all the beasts predating out there.

Boasting one of the most robust configurations till date, this phone has got all the power within to cause some serious mayhem in the benchmark’s table, but there are still some factors which behold the beast from being unleashed. Its a wide known fact that under factory conditions, the phones hardly run to their full potential. To the aid, we have this process called as “Rooting”.

About the Process of Rooting:

Rooting is the process of getting the access to the root directory of your phone which facilitates the installation of some high functionality apps that help you to get the most out of your phone’s true potential. Rooting voids the warranty of your phone but at the same time, increases the functionality criteria for your phone.

But before you get to Root your phone, you’ll have to unlock your phone’s Boot loader. Unlocking the bootloader can be done via various methods for various phones but if you own an HTC device, you’re in for a treat as the Taiwanese are here themselves to guide you through( If you still can’t get through, we’ll be backing you up! ).

Hop on as we look forward to unlock the Bootloader of your phone via

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 Pre-Installation Tasks:

  1. Back up all apps using ASTRO File Manager. You can get the APK files using ASTRO and later restore it. Rooted users can use Titanium Backup which also backs up data along with the apps.
  2. Back up all contacts to SD card.
  3. Backup SMS on Android.
  4. Backup call log on Android.
  5. Have minimum 60% charge on your phone else you might get stuck while the update process is running on your device.
  6. Remove any security or Anti-virus app if you have them installed.
  7. Enable USB Debugging. This can be done by Settings>Applications>Development and making sure that USB Debugging is checked.

Disclaimer: Hack My Android is not responsible for any damage that your device may face during this process. The developer is also not responsible for the same. There are little chances that your device may face any issue. However, try this at your own risk. This process voids the warranty of your device.

How to Unlock the Bootloader for  HTC OneX+ :

  1. Go to
  2. Download These Fastboot Files
  3. Make a new folder on your C: drive called fastboot.
  4. Extract The Zip downloaded in step 2 to the new folder
  5. Go Here and select “All Other Supported Models” and “then begin unlock bootloader”
  6. Yes, Tick both Boxes and Proceed to the next step.
  7. Skip up to step 8 as we have all we need for the first 7 steps
  8. Power off your phone by holding the power button down for 5-7 seconds (the three keys will flash a few times then it will power off)
  9. Hold volume down button, the device will boot to HBOOT
  10. Select Fastboot With Volume+or- then press Power once (you’ll be in fastboot mode)
  11. Plug your phone into your PC and open a Command Prompt(windows XP – Click Start > Run > type CMD in box then press OK(Windows 7 – Click Start > type CMD in search box then press Enter)
  12. cd to your folder where we put fastboot files cd c:\fastboot
  13. Type this into your command prompt window fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  14. Select & copy the text as per step 9 on the HTCDev website
  15. Paste your identifier token into the box at the bottom and submit. You Will Very Shortly Receive an email from HTCDev with a link to the second part of the instructions and your “Unlock_code.bin” attached
  16. Download the “Unlock_code.bin” from the email and save it to the same folder that we extracted fastboot files to in step 2
  17. Type this into your command prompt window fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  18. The Display Will change on your phone, press Vol + to accept and power to confirm and you’re done!

Your phone will reboot and there you go! You just got your phone’s bootloader unlocked! Now let’s move on to get the device Rooted.

How to Root HTC One X+ :

  1. Restart your phone in fastboot mode (As mentioned above).
  2. Download and extract the BootRoot files from the original thread.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC using the supplied USB cable.
  4. Open the folder in which you put the files extracted above.
  5. Double click on “install-bootroot-windows.bat” which open a cmd window on your PC’s screen which will push the Root file to your phone’s memory.
  6. Wait a moment as your phone will reboot (This reboot may be longer than usual, hang on!).
  7. Check for the SuperUser app in the app drawer, if it’s there, your home!

If you have followed this tutorial comprehensively, you are done with rooting your phone successfully, go on, time for some flashy stuff now!

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