Unofficial iMessage App Available for Android, Looks Suspicious

iMessage is a popular messaging application for iOS and now can be used on an Android device too. Earlier this month an application appeared on the Play Store named “iMessage Chat”. Though it is not a spam like those fake BBM apps you might find on the store, but it does look suspicious for certain reasons.

iMessage-for-Android iMessage-Android

An Android developer named Daniel Zweigart created this app and users who have tried it out including me found it working as you can see from the screenshot below that I took on my Xperia U. You will be able to communicate with your friends using an iPhone or iPad using this app.


Please do not mistake this app to be an official app from Apple, I wonder why would Apple follow BlackBerry. Since this is a third party developer creation, it isn’t completely trustworthy. If you are a paranoid like me, you would definitely not share any personal info using this app. You may want to create a test Apple ID by either using a disposable email address or the one that you don’t use on your other social networks and choose a password that you might not be using on any other accounts online.

Adam Bell, a software developer says that the app spoofs your Android device as a Mac mini which makes it possible for an Android user to send and receive messages using an Apple ID.

Cydia creator Jay Freeman also posted on his Google+ profile that the app forwards all communications from Apple’s servers to a sever in China. The app’s language also appears in Chinese on some screens. So you can be sure that your communication with your friends isn’t 100% secure and might be available behind a closed system.

More on this has been revealed by hacker Steven Troughton-Smith who points our that the app has code that can download and install APKs on your Android system which could infect your phone with malware.

While I personally tried this app, it intimated me to download a new version of the app. As I could see, I am using the latest version of the app that is available in the Play Store. Now that is something suspicious. While I didn’t download any newer version, I recommend you folks to do the same and try out the version that is available on the Play Store only.

Download iMessage Chat for Android (Update: The app has been removed from Play Store due to violation of policies)