Use ADB & Fastboot Commands Without Installing Android SDK

A few days back, I posted a tutorial which explains how to install Android SDK on your Computer and hence use ADB and Fastboot commands with it. Though the method is simple,  it does require you to download huge volume of data. Android SDK is basically for Android developers who wish to develop apps on Android. However, if you only wish to flash a ROM, a kernel or a recovery image, you do not need the Android SDK. But then, you may wonder how the hell would you execute ADB and Fastboot commands without the platform tools folder present in the SDK installation?

Google has released standalone ADB & Fastboot files

To run ADB on your computer, you just need a few files that you can download from the folder I created on Mediafire from the link placed at the end of this post.

The folder is named Android. All you need to do is, download all files present in the folder and create a folder named “Android” (or anything else you like) in C:\ of your Computer ( I assume that you have installed Windows on C:\). So the files must be present in C{\Android. You can find both adb.exe and fastboot,exe within the folder. These are the files required for you to execute the commands.

Up next, when you need to execute the commands, open up the folder C:\Android and presss Left Shift + Right Click and select the option “Open Command Window here”.  The Command Prompt opens up and shows C:\Android>

Type “adb devices” (without quotes) to see if ADB can recognize your device (Obviously it must be connected to the PC with USB Debugging on). There are several other frequently used ADB and Fastboot commands that you can read.

How does it work, have a look at how I flashed CWM on my Xperia U  in the image below: (I named the folder as “files” instead of “Android”).

flash boot.img

If you face any issues while executing these commands, please let me know in the comments below.

Download ADB files

  • jhon

    flash ms dos batch file always says device not found.. please help, i really cant do it.. i'm done installing lg drivers but still device not found

    • Lalit Indoria

      What command are you using and in which mode is your phone?

  • Shiv

    when i type fastboot flash boot boot.img error comes

    FAILED (remote: image is not a boot image)

    • Lalit Indoria

      What is the name of the file you downloaded? Is it boot.img?

  • VCT

    What about Mac OS X?

  • Boris Blagojevic

    I really don't like this it is look like flashin BIOs for PC.That is too dangerous and to risky and the real very seroius treat for our's Androids. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Edward

    im stuck in cmw…. what will i do?

  • Edward


  • Edward

    i have a lg l3 e400 and im stuck in CMW….. what will i do next???? i want to restore it ti its original mode… is there anyway u can help me out?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Flash the recovery.img file as mentioned in the unbrick tutorial.

  • Maxi

    Do you Know if I can use Android Sdk for flashing a tablet that has been flashed with the incorrect firmware (ROM) and can not be de-bricked by extracting the internal sd card because it has not one , it's a SOC ( sytem on chip ) model

    • Lalit Indoria

      You can not do it with ADB commands. You can use these commands to boot your device into bootloader or recovery mode. You may flash a boot image from bootloader mode but a ROM can be installed only via Recovery mode.

  • Imran

    Mine is HTC Desire V, I want to flash a different ICS in my phone. like Motorola's ICS. Can you please help me with the OS?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Someone should make a Motorola-like custom ROM for that.

      • Imran

        I understand some one should make it, can you provide me any type of custom os which suits my HTC Desire V? please?

  • Lalit Indoria

    I will look for it, you may stay subscribed to be notified.

    • Imran

      Thank you. I have subscribed……

      Please help me….!!!

      also I have unlocked my phone, but i am not able to root my phone. i have tried many tools but they didnt work. please look over this.

      thanks in advance.

      • nish

        try lgpwn.apkit may help u

  • regi

    same problem, flash ms dos batch file always says device not found.. please help, i really cant do it.. i’m done installing lg drivers but still device not found, im in cmw, i type adb reboot bootloader, already use kdz updater but im still sock in bootloop help me please

    • Lalit Indoria

      Disable the anti virus program which might be interrupting the connection!

  • allarsky

    need help upon executing adb shell and /dev/sh it returns not found. how do i solve this. I already did the toggle WIFI on and off but nothing seems to work.

  • jacob

    stuck at

  • Ron

    I have an Xperia P with Jelly Bean (I updated it by your forum “Manually Udpate Sony Xperia P LT22i to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean”) and I wanted to root it so I followed your steps in the “Xperia P Rooted on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean [build 6.2.A.0.400]” asked me to enter this page for the ADB folder.
    So I followed your steps in this page and in the Command Window I’ve done all the comannds that you have done in the photo that you attached and it said to me the same thing that it said to you so I unplugged
    my phone from the computer and now it is DEAD!!!
    My phone doesn’t boot anymore !! , PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • jojo

    I have sony ericsson E16i w8. and i did the same steps as you wrote, and even downloaded rom , installed successfully bt on the first reboot only, it stucks with sony ericsson logo on my screen, nw it is not entering even in recovery mode.. Plz help me, can we reset ROM hardwarely or something, so ny way i may able to start my cell either with jelly beans or old version of android.

    • Lalit Indoria

      You can flash some other ROM from recovery or just wipe data, cache and dalvik cache and try again.

  • jojo

    @Lalit Indoria But i am unable to enter in recovery mode .. back button now not working..

    • Lalit Indoria

      I need to know everything that you have done to your phone.

  • jojo

    First , i unlocked the phone, then flash (root) with flashtool, then recovery, and then i installed jelly beans custom rom with 2 zip files, one for mango(suitable for my phone) and another gapps, both installed successfully in recovery mode, then i reboot…bt it stucks now..

    • Lalit Indoria

      Link me to the custom ROM please. Which ROM were you using earlier? Was it the official one?

  • jojo
    no, it was not the official one,
    So now, my cell never functions in normal way? Is it dead? 🙁

  • Nishanth

    I use a LG P870, unable to get to the boot loader itself. I would like to root my phone. Please help me.

  • mohitwn

    Im not even able to unlock the bootloader of my optimus l9 p765.
    when I type the command adb reboot oem-unlock on the command prompt,i dont get the same screen as u have shown on the screenshot,what should i do me out dude…and also do tell me how to root this.

    • Lalit Indoria

      What do you get when you type the command?

      • mohitwn

        i get a recovery window with few options but none of them were selectable and finally to restart my option to unlock boot loader

        • mohitwn

          welcome to lg fastboot mode
          quick guidance
          1.flash:fastboot flash
          2:fastboot erase
          3: reboot fastboot

          how to exit fastboot mode
          1:press the power button for 10 seconds to turn offf the device
          2:use “fastboot reboot” command if fastboot is available

          this is the kind of window i get by using the command promt window in the android folder..,help me out pls.

          • mohitwn

            yar bata de kesse krna h bootloader unlock india optimus l9 me..

          • Lalit Indoria

            Which procedure are you trying to use to unlock? Link me to that procedure. The post you are commenting on is about how to use ADB commands.

  • mohitwn
    used the same u hav given…
    need to unlock it badly..

  • Federico Chavez

    first of all thanks for share your wisdom..
    I have an Xperia X10a with Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (I installed custom ROM) the device is rooted and CWR5
    I followed your steps in this page and in the Command Window I’ve done all the comannds that you have done in the photo that you attached and after this command “adb reboot bootloader” the phone reboot… the next command “fastboot flash boot boot.img” and send the message “waiting device”.. the phone is booting and go to CWR window …………..the message in commad window still “waiting device” …not happen nothig ….what can i do?

  • i’m getting “killed” error after executing “adb shell “svc wifi enable” command. What is the problem?

  • Swapniel

    im using LG L5 optimus E612

    i got error : see d imgae


  • danial

    tanx alot
    sir pls help me
    how to creat this package to install my img files on huawei devices !! how to create bat file like my friends ? say this link :

    sorry for my bad english

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  • Lecso

    Hello! When I write fastboot flash boot boot.img, the next line is why? Thank you!

    • abiola

      This means that your phone drivers I’d not installed,male sure that you have enabled USB debugging mode

  • Stephen52

    Thanks, just used this to unlock old Samsung Galaxy Europa with long lost passcode!

  • Kirowael

    Is that useful for Huawei devices ?

  • Rishabh Malhotra

    it shows this: Failed

  • Xperia j

    i am using it for xperia J…
    my xperia j suffered from sudden death issue..
    it was not in the usb debugging mode 🙁
    while connecting it to my pc , my pc gives the beep sound that something is connected
    but my phone does’nt respond
    My phone is also not going in flash mode and fastboot mode…

  • Ragu

    i am moto e 4.4.4! it is showing only devices not found!
    I am not able to on my device itself!
    But before switching off, it was in usb debugging mode!

  • Dean Ponce de Leon

    im having flash_cmds error

  • Hassãn khan

    Here is problem when I try.
    I have moto g 3rd generation
    …..It shows device is offline …….
    when I manually reboot to bootloader it shows same….please help !!!! 🙂