How To Use Tinder from a different location

Tinder has been leading the online dating platforms in the mobile space since long and has a great algorithm to match singles via their social interests and geo location. While I haven’t been quite active on Tinder, I realised I was missing out quite some attention when I read that Lalit was the most right-swiped name in India. That said, I also explored what the premium version had to offer. One of the features it lets you access was to browse profiles in a location different from yours. Thought that sounds cool, I never wanted to pay for that service probably because I do not want to date girls who are not in my city!

Fake Tinder Location

That said, I did want to browse Tinder profiles from different countries and cities. The best way to achieve this is to mock your location on the phone doing which all apps that request for your location get tricked and receive those co-ordinates that you have set. One such mock location app which helps you do this is Floater and it can be downloaded via the link given at the bottom of this post.

Selecting mock location app is quite easy. Your first need to go to Settings > Developer Options. If you do not see Developer Options, it means that it’s hidden and you can enable it by going to Settings > About > Software information and tapping on the Build number 5 times.

Once you have done that, you can simply go to Developer options and tap on Select mock location app. From the menu that appears, you need to select the fake location app you have downloaded (Floater in this case). You can also choose any other location faking app by searching on the Play Store.

You can then fire up your favorite location faking app and set your own geo co-ordinates. Having done that, you should be able to browse Tinder profiles from the location you just faked. This trick is also quite useful for Pokemon Go and a few other games that rely on location though it’s not recommended that you do this to violate the terms of the game/app you use.

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