VEHO SoundBlaster Portable Speaker Hands On Review

Incredibly small, yet powerful as it promises to be, we have this VEHO Soudblaster all set to get going through the testing rigs! Ah, don’t worry we won’t be doing anything that fancy in here as all we gonna do is to pair this little thing up with various kinds of devices wired or over the air and let the music rip across the various volume levels.


Small by the looks and bigger by the sound it reproduces. This is how one can describe the little Sound box from VEHO as not only it shows off a lot but also backs it up by some superb performance for the buck. If you think that’s a lot of talking for now, let’s turn over to the hands on review of the product.

Build Quality and Design

The VEHO soundblaster portable speaker is much and more compact as one would assume it to be and all you get is a really power packed audio box that can fit right into your hands completely. As a part of the retail package, you get the speaker, a 3.5mm point to point audio cable and a USB charger cable with which you can charge the speaker on the go but we would had appreciated an AC adapter to be supplied in the box itself.


The solidly built sound box features an all cylindrical design with the speaker grill at the top and a single hardware switch at the bottom which you can use to toggle the speaker On/Off or switch it to the Bluetooth mode in which the speaker readily pairs up with any device which has a bluetooth radio compatible with the A2DP Bluetooth media profile.


Further, as I said, the speaker’s build quality is far impressive from what we expected it to be with some sort of matte finish all around the cylindrical shell. The speaker grill on the top hosts the 360 tag which notifies about the 360 degree sound field that the speaker can produce while at the bottom you can notice a little of circular grip which helps the device to rest easily across all sorts of synthetic terrain.


Now as we move across the cylindrical surface, just the longitudinally opposite side of the VEHO logo that sits upfront, you can find the connectivity slots. Moving from left to right, first up is a 3.5 mm audio inlet which can be used to connect seamlessly with any audio device(We do prefer our droids here!) having a standard 3.5 mm audio out jack using the supplied audio cable, then you have the Notification LED which blinks as per the mode of operation and besides that is the charger inlet. Meanwhile, a volume control would had been a sweet surprise but sadly surprises don’t come that easily to our will.

Performance Tests:

We tried pairing up the little sound box with a mobile phone and then to our laptop PC as it would be the perfect device to push the speaker across it’s volume range courtesy the more powerful audio amplifier that sits inside.


When connected to our mobile phone using the supplied 3.5 mm cable and the toggle switch at the bottom to ”on” which made the notification LED to glow red, the speaker pulled out some mind blowing sound out of that tiny shell with a feel of bass to it. The sound that came out was clear and although the volume levels were good enough, we did noticed some sort of noise distortions when the volume was pushed to the higher levels but that’s okay for a device with such a price tag and it is a thing that can be solved any day with some playing around with the equalizer toggles on the media player.


Then, we paired the speaker in the much and more ”portable” wireless mode with the phone and all we had to do is to turn the toggle at the bottom to the other end near that little Bluetooth icon. As soon as we turned on the Bluetooth on the speaker the color of the notification LED switched to blue and it started to blink until we got our phone paired and connected to it with a notification beep. All the connections done, we turned on the music once again and this time around we were surprised yet again with some really loud volume output with very little to no distortions when compared to the wired method and that too without any compromise in the sound quality within the Bluetooth range. One more thing to be noticed here was that the sound that the speaker reproduced had a bit more of bass than what we got to listen while it was in the wired mode. And let me tell you, that’s something really sweet coming out from a little thing that costs as much as your monthly mobile bill.


As the device worked out pretty easily with the practical part, we tried to put it to the higher level by connecting it to a laptop PC. Now as the PC has got a much and more powerful audio amplification system inside, it can really push the device across the limits of it’s sound reproduction capabilities. When connected to the PC, the speaker fared out quite well enough as the volume it produced blew up the laptop’s inbuilt speakers straight away without any sorts of volume loss as we moved the volume toggle on our PC from 0 to a max of 200 percent while the laptop’s built in amplifier helped the further loss in sound distortions.

All-in-all, this is a well built device with more +1’s than negatives for the price you can bag it in for. The sound is crisp and clear with a punch of audible bass and hassle free connectivity options add to the user’s rejoice. Support for calls over Bluetooth and a dedicated mic would had been a treat any day out but the overall quality and performance to price ratio of the product compensates for it. The battery lasted up to an average of 8 hrs/5 hrs over the wired/Bluetooth connection and the charging process was quite a surprise for me as it took a little less than an hour for the device to get a full charge on a dry battery. The aggressive pricing, smaller form factor and the loud and clear audio output make this tiny sound box worth a go for the price at which it chips in!

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