Walking Text : Watch your steps!

In continuation to the unique and free applications we have been reviewing for our readers, we have this amazingly cool thing up for you. As the word goes, it is definitely something most of us desired of, definitely I am talking about those who text it the whole day long. We have seen the transparent live wallpaper which we all loved to have on our droids but always wished to have it a bit more functional than just being a wallpaper. Before we get into this post, I have this question up for you, Have you ever stepped into a bunker, a manhole or your own music earpiece on the ground while texting? If that is the case with you, this innovation won’t let it happen again!


Yeah you got the name right! Walking text lets you do all the texting while on the move along with ensuring the safety of every step you take. The application requires hardware controls as it uses your phone’s camera and produces a realtime viewfinder as the background for your textbox. It’s basically a phone messaging application(SMSs) in which you get all the basic functionalities which you require for the purpose. If you are a hard time texter, rest assured, you won’t have to flip your head all the time to get the message typed while walking having a run.

As you can see from those screenshots posted above, the interface of the application has been kept quite simple yet functional considering the various kind of surfaces/floors you’ll walk on that the hardware will telecast. The better part is that you can customize the font color as per your choice!  Further, like any typical messenger, you can add multiple recipients to the list while the keyboard has also been kept transparent which adds to the simplistic appeal of the application. All-in-all this is a clone of the Android default messaging application with some additional or rather you can say optional usability factor.

For many it can turn out to be a good remedy to their feet while for others, it’ll just pass-off the lane as yet another application uploaded on the Play store.

In my opinion, if you need such kind of assistance while walking, you should definitely give this a try as you won’t have to pay for it! Yes, you can download it for free in the Google Play Store.

Here’s the Play Store link: Walking Text.