Watch Videos While Multi-Tasking on Android Using Super Video, Floating & Popup

How many of you often watch movies on your Android phone? I am sure many of you do just like me. Also, I do watch movies on YouTube using my Android phone. But what would you do when you receive a message while playing the video? It’s obvious that you need to press the back button or pull down the notification bar which is very inconvenient. Samsung Galaxy S3 has the feature of popping up the video while you need to perform other tasks on your Android phone. If you do not own Samsung Galaxy S3, you can still do it using an app that just popped up in Google Play Store.

Super Video, Floating & Popup is an app that lets you pop up Videos or Audio files while you are playing them and place it in a corner of your phone’s screen while you perform other tasks like checking messages, call history or browsing something on the Internet.

It is compatible with all Android phones, irrespective of their screen size and does work great without any bugs. It also supports popping out YouTube videos and also lets you play multiple videos.

Features of Super Video, Floating & Popup

  • Popup Video Player.
  • Multi-Window Video Player.
  • Full Subtitle Support for Video Playback.
  • Friendly and Simply User Inferface with Grid, List and 3D Gallery.
  • 100% NO AD, Made in Taiwan.
  • Favorite URL (YouTube). (Paid Edition only which is currently on sale)

You can either reduce the size of the video and make it popup or if you have to view something else in full screen, you can minimize the popup window which can again be accessed from the Notifications bar.

Popup YouTube Videos

To popup YouTube videos, you need to open the video in the official YouTube application and click on Share. After this copy the link of the video and go to Super Video app. Tap on Open URL and paste the YouTube video URL.

To minimize the size of the video, just tap and hold the bottom right corner of the video and drag it to resize. If this does not workk, press Menu>Settings and check “Disable size Limitaiton”.

Hopefully, this app will solve most of your problems of multi-tasking while playing videos on your Android phone. What are your views? Let us know in the comments section below 🙂

Download Super Video, Floating Popup