WhatsApp beta allows you to stream videos before downloading them

WhatsApp is a major player in the communication section with millions of users around the globe. Media sharing has become a common practice, and we all receive new pictures, videos, voice notes on a regular basis. However, downloading these media files does eat up a significant amount of storage on our devices.


In the latest WhatsApp beta has just added a video streaming feature, albeit it works differently than expected.

If you have set your Media Auto-download to On, it start starts downloading the media file as soon as you receive it and there is a progress bar attached to it for reference. Even before the download has finished, you are shown a play button, tapping that will allow you to view the video as it simultaneously loads the rest of it in the background.

If you have disabled Media Auto-download, WhatsApp gives you the option to either stream the video, or download it by tapping the bottom-left corner download button.

This may help to reduce the storage issues faced by many users, as they run out of storage due to a lot of media files.

You can register for WhatsApp beta here. After becoming a beta tester, you will need to wait for a while and an update should appear for WhatsApp in the Play Store. To exit the beta testing, visit the above page again and de-enroll yourself. You can then re-install the app to regain the stable version.

Via Android Authority