WhatsApp Messenger Gets an Update: Looks Fresh!

Being one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store and being the most popular instant messaging mobile software, the WhatsApp messenger has been in for quite a while now. In it’s run of being the most capable instant messenger, the app in itself has seen many updates that mainly focused on solving stability and speed issues to the devices but this time, the users are in for some eye candy on the treat as this update, although it does improves in the “performance and stability” department, it brings along some aesthetic updates which look interesting enough to breathe in a fresh new life to the user interface!

While the most of the interface has been kept the same, there is one change that I noticed over the previous versions of the app is that now if you click on the display picture of your buddy within the conversation window, it’ll rather take you a step back into the interface(much like the back buttons across the Android 4.0+ user interface). Further, the App on a whole has been given the HOLO skin treatment which adds to the aesthetic agreement that the app now holds to the stock Android interface. Flat panels, drop-downs and conversation bubbles look much cleaner while another little yet sweet enough change could be noticed as the repositioning of the smileys tab which now sits to the left of the text box in the conversation window which’ll add to the ease of access to the owners of the big screen devices and also to those who like to express a lot rather than to just text!

  Screenshot_2013-02-14-19-36-02 Screenshot_2013-02-14-19-36-31

As you can see from the snaps above,  the UI looks neatly re-freshened up in the HOLO style but the key to the success of the messenger seems to be still there. It’s simplicity and ease of use. A whole new UI, a whole new theme, all one can notice is the essence of the Android 4.0+ navigation tabs within the software’s interface.

Although this update has not been passed on to Google Play till now, So, for the time being, you can follow the link below to download the .apk directly to your device.

Click here to Download.