WhatsApp Receives Major Update, Brings Pay for Friend, In-app Camera & New Widgets

The world’s best and most-used instant messaging service has received a major update today. WhatsApp has been updated to Version 2.11.157 and brings loads of improvements along which let you pay for your friend to renew their WhatsApp subscription, brings some amazing widgets which includes a camera shortcut to let you capture pictures directly from your home screen and send it to a contact via WhatsApp instantly.

WhatsaApp update

WhatsApp is a paid service after you have used it for a year and costs not more than 99 cents per phone number. It is an in-app payment, hence to get your subscription renewed, you need to pay via Google Wallet, PayPal or your credit card. However, most WhatsApp users who are teens don’t have access to the aforementioned services. Hence, there has been increased conversation about getting a hacked WhatsApp APK which will bypass the subscription process. Though this isn’t possible, WhatsApp is concerned about people who can not pay to use their service and has introduced the Pay for Friend feature. Using this feature, you can request your friend to renew your WhatsApp service. This would probably cut down the hacked APK demands and users need not change their phone number to renew their WhatsApp service.

WhatsApp update widgets

Another great improvement is the Camera shortcut which can be placed as a widget on your home screen. This shortcut lets you capture a picture after which you get an option to send the picture to a WhatsApp – pretty useful if you wish to share something you see instantly with your WhatsApp contacts. Also, the notifications from the app seen in the notification bar are more detailed.

The update is not live on the Play Store, we can expect it to be live in the next few hours. However, you can download the APK from whatsapp.com/android/ to get hands on the new features right now.

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