WhatsApp Releases a Major Update, Introduces Push-To-Talk Voice Messaging

The most popular cross-platform messaging service, WhatsApp has introduced a new update across all the platforms which enables its huge user-base send Push To Talk messages. The new update should be available to all users on all platforms by now.

WhatsApp seems to have replaced SMS service in most countries and currently has around 300 million monthly users according to AllThingsD. Addition of voice communication would surely increase that number significantly. WhatsApp users now send 11 billion messages and receive 20 billion messages per day which is a huge number in texts itself.

Well, it isn’t a two way communication like how apps like Viber or Tango may provide but it is just a voice messaging service more like the PTT feature but in a different way. You don’t need to record the voice and send it across to the other user but the voice message is sent as soon as you release the button. This feature is nothing new and is already available in apps like ChatOn from Samsung. What makes this a big news is that this feature will be available to a huge user-base.

WhatsApp Push To Talk Messaging

If you have not updated WhatsApp, you can go ahead and update it from the link at the bottom of this post after which you will see a microphone icon available towards the right of the input area. This button appears before you start typing. You can press and hold the button to record your voice and release the button to send the message instantly. While recording with Voice Messaging, you can slide left to cancel instantly.


When the other user has listened to the message, the microphone icon turns blue.android-ptt-blue-out

WhatsApp continues to gain popularity continuously and has 70 percent penetration across the entire population of Brunei and 50 percent in Hong Kong. This update is something the users have been expecting over a long period.

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