White Nexus 4 Goes Official: Nothing But a Paint-Job!

It was turning out to be rather difficult than expected for LG to keep the great white under the covers and hence as a move that seems to be intelligent enough, LG has decided to go official with the White Nexus 4. For those who’ve forgotten, the Google Nexus 4 was the Android 4.2 flagship and it carried a bunch of improvements over the platform and some good camera tricks up under it’s sleeves in the software department while it paced up the flagship race with the most groundbreaking specifications that any Nexus phone ever had i.e. a 4.7” True HD IPS WXGA(768×1280 pixels) display on top of a powerful Snapdragon S4 pro chipset.

While the snowy white Google Nexus 4 was expected to hit the floors on June 10th with Android 4.3 on top, it seems we won’t be getting any new of the confectionery for the time being as LG has made it clear that the device will still be the same at it’s heart and soul as it’ll deliver the pure vanilla Android experience on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the only change that we’ll get to see will be the new paint job! Sadly enough, this does puts a halt to all the speculations that were going around the launch of Android 4.3 but this just seems to be the last nail in the coffin to put the rumors to rest in peace. Further, the device will see it’s launch today itself that’s May 29th in Hong Kong while it’ll be made available to the different parts of the globe in no time.

So! That’s the scoop we have for you at the current moment of time and do leave your opinions as we still think it is high time for Google to pull out the next edition of it’s Android platform as the rumors surrounding the next iPhone are already banking around the shores now :).