WidgetShade Helps You Carry Android Widgets Anywhere on Your Device

Android Widgets are probably the most needed elements on your Home Screen – whether it is a weather widget or a music player that makes it easier for you to get almost any information from the app without launching the app itself. While we use any other app on our Android device, we don’t have the capability to use the widgets anymore. You may probably go back to your home screen to view those widgets and the game you were playing gets killed in the background – very inconvenient. But Android is open source, you can customize it in any way you need and this open source nature has led XDA forum member dapaua create an app that lets you carry your Android widgets wherever you go on your Android device – WidgetShade.


If you are using a Gingerbread, you don’t need to read this post because WidgetShade supports only ICS and Jelly Bean. While you can carry your apps launcher anywhere with Sidebar, you can carry your widgets anywhere with WidgetShade. These widgets need not necessarily be on your home screen but can be exclusively added to the overlay screen that WidgetShade shows while you are already browsing the app, something like what you can see below:


As you can see above, I have been browsing the web and without leaving the browser, I can pull up the Android widgets for Apollo music player and Power control. Without having to navigate to the home screen or without even opening the app, I can start playing music on my phone, toggle WiFi, GPS and brightness and other controls available in the Power Control widget.

To add more widgets, you simply tap on the “+” icon and to view the settings you tap on the settings icon on the bottom right. The back button on bottom left wipes out the overlay screen and you are back to what you were already doing on your device. Cool, isn’t it?

You may now wonder how you may launch the widgets overlay screen when you are using some other app. Well, there are two ways to do that – a small white band appears on the bottom left of the screen which you can slide over to launch the widgets screen. This can be moved to any corner of the screen as you wish to. Yet another way to access the widgets is from the notification bar. The notification from WidgetShade rests in the Notification bar and you can tap on it to pull up the widgets.

The Settings are pretty basic ones and are self explanatory. You can view the settings panel in the screenshots below;

Screenshot_2013-04-25-02-17-04 Screenshot_2013-04-25-02-17-18

If you noticed it well, you will see the white band on the bottom left of the screen from where I can launch the widgets.

WidgetShade is probably the best app for multi-tasking, the only requirement is that any app you wish to access must have a widget of its own. If it doesn’t, you probably need a Sidebar launcher.

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