Xperia Z2 System Dump Leaks, Reveals Xperia Android 4.4 KitKat UI and Apps

The Xperia Z2, codenamed as the ‘Sirius’ or ‘D6503’ has been leaked quite a few times before with maximum details being leaked out today by DooMLord on XDA forums who has obtained a system dump of the Xperia Z2. We already know that the Xperia Z2 will launch with Android 4.4 KitKat and this leak shows what Sony has for its users in the latest OS upgrade. OEM-skinned version of Android isn’t something I’d generally prefer but with a strong supporting hardware, these apps by the OEM surely make the device worth it is sold for.

Though we didn’t expect much changes in Xperia’s Android 4.4 version when compared to its 4.3 skin, we’re awestruck with the number of changes Sony has made in their new update. A detail of this is presented below, all screenshots courtesy of DooMLord and Xperia Blog.


Screenshots from Xperia Android 4.4.2 KitKat UI Build 17.1.A.X.XXX

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4 KitKat Leak

Though the screenshots capture might not be from the latest build, there wouldn’t be much changes in the UI. All changes in the newer build are usually performance-related and bug-fixes.

4K Video Recording With Timeshift Video

The Xperia Z2  will support ultra high definition 4K video recording along with Timeshift video. Timeshift video lets you record videos in high resolution and then add slow motion effects to the video later. This feature is available in iPhone 5S too.

Apart from this, it also lets you capture videos the way your SLR would by blurring the background and focusing only on the objects right in front. More features can be seen in the screenshot below:

Z2 4k video recording

Glove Mode

Glove mode isn’t anything new for Xperia as it is already available in Xperia Sola. However it is good to see that you can use Xperia Z2 wearing gloves too.

Xperia Glove mode

Smart Backlight Control

Samrt Backlight control is something you would have seen in the Galaxy S4 launch. The device’s backlight remains on till you look at it and is turned off once you move your eyes off the device.

Smart backlight control Xperia

Smart Call Handling

This is yet another feature that Samsung devices already have and Sony is following suit. Smart call lets you answer or reject calls in a smart way. You can lift the phone up to your ear to answer a call and shake it to end the call.

Smart call handling Xperia

To silence the call, you can place your phone on a flat surface facing down.

Smart call handling

Double Tap to Wake

This kernel modification which we already saw in Nexus 5 is implemented in Xperia Z2 by default. It is also present in the Xperia Tablet Z. This feature lets you wake up the device by double-tap on the screen so you don’t need to reach out to the power button to wake it up – pretty handy feature for large screen devices.

Double tap to wake Xperia

New Dialer and Inbuilt Answering Machine

The Dialer did get some improvements from being laggy in ICS to a light on in Jelly Bean. With KitKat it has a few more options that let you text a contact, call again or view the contact in Infinite view.

New Dialer Xperia

Not only this, the new dialer lets you turn on Answering machine (if you really love voicemails). You can preset answers to be played when you get a call.

Answering machine Xperia Answering machine

Two Home Launchers

Sony now gives you two home launchers. Though both launchers contain the same set of icons, their size makes the difference. A simple launcher is included which displays large font and icons for better readability, probably for the elderly.

Home launchers Xperia

New Home Xperia Simple Home Xperia

You can switch back to any launcher you wish to from the Settings menu.

Audio Accessories and USB DAC Support

From the settings we can see below, it does look like the Xperia Z2 will come along with a handful accessories or probably only supports these accessories via its software. It also comes with USB DAC support.

USB DAC Audio Accessories

Separate Power Management for Device and Accessories

Sony has split its power management system into two – device and accessory. As of now, it has only one option that is for the system but with Android 4.4, a new tab in the Power management setting for Accessories is also available. No information about how it would work is available yet.

Power management in Xperia KitKat

What’s New Along with Google Now

This probably looks like Sony’s version of Google Now. When you swipe up from the lock screen, you would usually get an option to open Google Now but with Xperia’s Android 4.4 you get an additional “What’s new option”. You may infer whatever you wish to from the screenshots below but no information about its functionality is available yet.

Whats new Whats new Xperia

Quick Settings in Notification Bar

You can now switch between notifications and Quick Settings in the notification bar. The Quick Settings bar is editable though it doesn’t look better than what we get to see on native Android 4.4, not to me at least.

Quick Settings Xperia

Dual Speakers

Finally, we will get to see Dual Speakers in the Xperia Z2, quite similar to what we had seen in HTC One but would it beat HTC’s Boomsound technology?

Some leaked images posted below show the device’s speakers on top and bottom.

Dual Speakers Xperia Z2 Z2 Speaker

Z2 Speakers

All of these features are available for download via this thread on XDA forums and will be ported soon to other Xperia Devices and a few of them might be ported to custom ROMs as well. The first device to see such ports will be the Xperia Z1.

via Xperia Blog