Xposed Installer Updated to Version 2.5, Brings Safe Mode & Compatibility with LG & Sony ROMs

It has been two years since Xposed Installer came into play. Today there are a lot of Xposed modules for you to choose from and customize your Android device without modifying any APK or without installing a new custom ROM. Xposed now lets you change almost everything on your device. To know more about Xposed framework, kindly read our Xposed framework guide.


Xposed Framework has been updated today and the new updated version 2.5 brings a few changes that can help people new to Xposed framework escape bootloops and the new framework is also compatible with Sony, LG and Meizu ROMs (Android 4.3 and 4.4). The framework installation has been rewritten and lets you disable Xposed by booting into Safe mode.


In case your device bootloops after installing an Xposed Module, you can boot your device into safe mode. Safe mode can be activated by repeatedly pressing any of your device’s hardware buttons during early startup. Your device will then vibrate twice after the first button press is detected, after which you have five seconds to press the same button an additional four times. Safe mode is then confirmed with a long vibration. This will disable Xposed Framework.

To get the update, you can either download the version 2.5 APK from the link below or open up the Xposed installer app to see the following notification:


Download Xposed Framework (XDA-Forums)