Motorola XT1056 Picture Surfaces, Tested on Sprint’s 4G LTE

The Motorola X has been a master of disguise as far as any confirmations regarding it’s existence are considered. Apart from numerous leaks, the fact stands still that the first joint venture of the mobile technology giants as a Google undertaking carries some sort of chemical X category of blood flowing through it’s veins as we have come across yet another leaked picture of a Motorola handset which can be carrying the ‘X’ factor and the fact that implies directly to this strong correlation between the handset in the photograph and the Motorola X is the sprouting up of this thing from nowhere when we have the unveiling of the Google-Motorola handset around the corners.

The image that we have has been posted by PhoneArena and as per their sources, the above handset, named as the Motorola XT1056 was caught while going through tests by Sprint’s 4G LTE network and is actually the much awaited Motorola X itself! And if all the speculation go hand in hand, we are just a month away from the official unveiling of the device which will put a final full stop to all these images and edits that ‘Flickr-ing’ across the web since the the device came into existence in the rumor circuits. Further, it’ll be rather interesting to see that How and What is Google going to bring to the table with the Motorola X after undertaking the mobile giant as with the release of AOSP variants of the top guns as well as a rumored Nexus 5 in the makings by LG, it does seems to be adding some sort of interesting flavors to our taste as the rumored specifications of the device are not that interesting and neither capable enough for an onslaught by the flagships with their Snapdragon 800(4G LTE capable) variants hitting the scene.

The Motorola X is speculated to arrive around the first of the month of August and it’ll be carrying a 720p OLED face that will be lit up using a dual core processor and a flavor of of LTE to taste. Whether it’ll be just another attempt to revive the dead brand name like HTC did with it’s HTC One or just another carrier friendly device, We’ll have to wait and watch as making any false opinions is like expecting the bells and charms of the MotoBlurUI over a system that can do well with AOSP online.

Source: PhoneArena