YouTube Go lets you download & share videos, now available in India

YouTube has been focusing on developing countries strongly by promoting the offline saving of videos on YouTube. This lets you save the video to your device and lets you watch it elsewhere without any internet connectivity. Announced way back in September 2016, YouTube Go has finally been launched, albeit in beta, in India and is available to download in the Play Store right now. YouTube Go focuses on conserving data as much as possible, even with the app size coming up to 9MB.

Right off the bat, it’s clear that YouTube Go wants to save your data. Bandwith info is given even before you play the video and lets you choose between low quality and standard quality, mentioning the file size/data consumed if you choose to watch them. You can either choose to play the video or download (if the creator allows it). It also asks for a verification using your phone number for friend-finding later on. There is also an option to send downloaded videos to nearby friends with no Internet required.

The functionality is currently on the app is very basic. There is no option to log into your Google Account to view your subscriptions, recommendations, playlists etc. Playing and downloading videos is currently restricted to low and standard quality, no option to opt for 720p or 1080p HD videos yet. The floating video window we have all come to love from the Original YouTube app is also missing here. Although it is very basic, we have to keep in mind that this is the first beta for YouTube Go and we are pretty optimistic for its future.

The app is currently available to download via the Play Store only in India. There is an APK available at APKMirror if you folks want to try it out.