ZIPme Backs Up All Apps + Data on Your Device Into a Flashable Zip File

We have come across various Android data backup tools and we did publish a guide on how to quickly switch between ROMs without losing data on your Android device. These tools and guides are meant for users who change their ROMs pretty often. Talking about me, I can not stick to one ROM for a long time maybe because it becomes slower over time or I just get bored of it. I surely need some great backup tools that save me a lot of time in restoring data after I have installed a ROM with a clean data wipe.

Zipme is one such app which can backup all data on your phone into an package which you can flash via the recovery mode. The app is available for free and can be downloaded from the link at the end of this post.

What Can ZIPme Backup?

Almost everything. While paid alternatives such as Titanium Backup can create package of your apps and Nandroid Manager can restore BlueTooth pairings, Wi-Fi access points and User Word dictionary, ZIPme can do it for free. Apart from this, ZIPme can backup system apps too.



ZIPme can backup system files such as the build.prop file, init.d folder (which contains scripts), System fonts, Bootanimations, hosts files and busybox files. Apart from that, it can also backup system data such as BlueTooth pairings, accounts, Wi-Fi settings and more. In case your device has only internal memory support which needs to be wiped in an update, you can also backup files and folders.

After selecting what you wish to backup, ZIPme creates an file and signs it too so it can be flashed via a recovery mode (CWM or TWRP). That said, you can install any ROM you like by wiping the data, cache and dalvik cache of your phone and restore the backed up data by flashing the that you created via the ZIPme app.